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It was in the year of 1886 that you could say the Pinebrook Golf and Country Club’s history actually started. The land in which the course currently rests on today was originally claimed by a Lieutenant Colonel Ernest G. May. May had just arrived from England and he was in search for land in which he could build a home for himself and his fiancée, Eliza Mary Paice, who waited in England until the completion of the home. After filling a claim with the Indians, May obtained an acreage in Springbank where he planned on building his dream home for his soon bride to be.

The day after Eliza arrived from her long, tiring and endless trip, she and Ernest were quickly married. The couple found the winters to be tough as they quite often had a hard time keeping the house warm as a result of the unbearable cold temperatures and the constant fear of chimney fires in their home. On their new property the May's discovered many fascinating things, including a large escarpment on the west side of the present clubhouse which was used by the Indians as a buffalo run.

Roderick May, one of three of Ernest and Eliza’s children, served in World War I and was the Major “Dick” May, who in 1947, built the original golf course on the property. “Dick” called his new creation the Mayview Golf Course but the course never became what he originally planned it to be because of his confinement to a wheelchair. The Major never married and was quite lonely but often spent time talking to his neighbour, Wilbur Griffth, about his dreams and aspirations for his golf club.

Major May passed away in 1965 without ever having built his golf course the way that he wanted. He left the property to his two nephews in British Columbia who came out to Alberta but the two had a hard time keeping the course afloat. In 1972, the two sold the club to Major May’s old neighbour, Wilbur, who knew of the dream that the Major had for the course. Wilbur decided to completely rebuild the entire course and hired an architect. In 1975 the course was finally complete and Head Professional Clayton Robb was the first Pinebrook staff member. The course started off by selling green fees which later turned into yearly fees and finally turned into memberships for the public to purchase. In 1976, Gordon Atkins, a local Calgary Architect, was hired to design a new clubhouse. Two years later the clubhouse was finally complete and the course was overflowing with over 300 members.

Wilbur Griffith owned and operated the Pinebrook Golf & Winter Club until January 1980 when the members decided to purchase the club. With the new management a new name followed, the course was now called the Pinebrook Golf & Country Club.

Today, Pinebrook is owned by 500 shareholders, with an elected board of directors who assume responsibility of meeting the needs of the club's members. Volunteer members form committees who organize many tournaments and ensure the overall smoothness of the clubhouse.
Pinebrook hosts many corporate and club tournaments every year, along with weddings and special functions in the large club house with picturesque views.