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Adam, DavidLife Member
Adams, CorbinJagare Ridge GCCandidate For Membership
Allred, ScottElbow Springs GCExecutive Professional
Allred, KeatonRiver Ridge G&CCCandidate For Membership
Anderson, RyanGlencoe G&CC Teaching CentreHead Teaching Professional
Anderson, MichaelClass A Professional
Anderson, ScottRiver Bend G&RAClass A Professional
Andrew, GregStewart Creek G&CCExecutive Professional
Andrew, TrevorPineridge GRHead Professional
Astles, JayAffiliateClass A Professional
Babcock, BarryLife Member
Babkirk, TyrelApple Creek GCHead Professional
Baker, DerekWindermere G&CCClass A Professional
Balog, BrockClass A Professional
Barkway, MattParadise Canyon GRHead Professional
Barrett, JayNorthern Bear GCHead Professional
Bassen, BrianStrathmore GCHead Professional
Batsel, DillonConnaught GCCandidate For Membership
Bearchell, WadeOlds GCHead Professional
Beauchemin, PierreLinks at Spruce Grove (The)Executive Professional
Beaver, CoreySundre GCCandidate For Membership
Becker, NicholasSilver Springs G&CCCandidate For Membership
Beckwith, MarkSturgeon Valley G&CCExecutive Professional
Behiels, JakeCougar Creek GRCandidate For Membership
Belbin, MikeRoyal Mayfair GCClass A Professional
Bennett, JustinAlberta Springs GRClass A Professional
Bergdahl, ScottLakewood GRHead Professional
Berger, DerekConnaught GCHead Professional
Berrien, KirstenD'Arcy Ranch GCClass A Professional
Black, AndyLife Member
Black, KevinRedwood Meadows G&CCHead Professional
Boomer, JimInnisfail GCHead Professional
Boothby, RileyLinks of GlenEagles (The)Candidate For Membership
Borsa, ScottDevon GCHead Professional
Boswell, Glenn J.Glencoe G&CCClass A Professional
Bowen, MichaelGrande Prairie G&CCCandidate For Membership
Boyd, KyleEdmonton Petroleum G&CCHead Professional
Brandt, KyleBelvedere G&CCHead Professional
Brayton, GordonVulcan G&CCHead Professional
Breure, AustinMontgomery Glen GCCandidate For Membership
Brindley, JasonCanyon Meadows G&CCClass A Professional
Broderson, LyleClaresholm GCHead Professional
Broderson, KevinLacombe G&CCHead Professional
Brown, AnthonyStewart Creek G&CCCandidate For Membership
Bruce, AdamGlendale G&CCCandidate For Membership
Buchner, AaronFort McMurray GCClass A Professional
Buffalo, MitchClass A Professional
Burgeson, BrettCountry Hills GCHead Professional
Burnie, GreigHighwood G&CCExecutive Professional
Burton, CathyWillow Park G&CCHead Professional
Busetto, JosephRiverside GCClass A Professional
Buttar, BlairGolfTEC EdmontonHead Teaching Professional
Bygrave, BrianLife Member
Bygrave, WayneLife Member
Cameron, DanNational Golf Academy DomeHead Teaching Professional
Cammidge, GrantEdmonton Petroleum G&CCExecutive Professional
Cantera, DallasCardiff G&CCHead Professional
Carr, GlennLakeside GCExecutive Professional
Carrington, BillLife Member
Carter, TerryNational Golf Academy @ McCall LakeHead Teaching Professional
Carter, AlanEdmonton CCExecutive Professional
Carter, RhondaCanyon Meadows G&CCClass A Professional
Cartier, JacobSturgeon Valley G&CCClass A Professional
Cassidy, KaydeValley Ridge GCCandidate For Membership
Chan, StuartPinebrook G&CCClass A Professional
Chapman, BrentEdmonton Petroleum G&CCClass A Professional
Charlton, ShelleyBrooks GCExecutive Professional
Chivers, AdamBanff Springs GCCandidate For Membership
Chow, KevinBlackhawk GCClass A Professional
Chown, BradenDesert Blume GCCandidate For Membership
Christenson, GarySturgeon Valley G&CCHead Professional
Clark, KaelGolf Canada CentreCandidate For Membership
Clayton, BlakeBlue Devil GCHead Professional
Clymer, J.P.Raven Crest G&CCHead Professional
Code, CameronEdson GCClass A Professional
Coli, PatrickCarnmoney GCExecutive Professional
Collett, GerryLinks at Spruce Grove (The)Head Professional
Collins, BrendanCountry Hills GCClass A Professional
Collins, CoryDerrick G&WC (The)Class A Professional
Commet, TrevorWhitecourt G&CCHead Professional
Connell, NealLife Member
Cooke, DarrenCanmore G&CCExecutive Professional
Cooke, ChrisCanmore G&CCCandidate For Membership
Cooper, JeffAffiliateClass A Professional
Copeland, JoshWainwright GCHead Professional
Copp, BryanLife Member
Corrigan, MarkMickelson National GCClass A Professional
Courage, GordHamptons GC (The)Executive Professional
Cox, StefanPinebrook G&CCCandidate For Membership
Crawford, KyleBroadmoor GCHead Professional
Cuthbertson, JeffStony Plain GCExecutive Professional
Dale, CraigCountry Hills GCCandidate For Membership
Davidchuk, BobClass A Professional
Davies, JustinAffiliateClass A Professional
Davison, JoshuaRedTail Landing GCHead Professional
Day, TomWintergreen GCHead Professional
Day, KevinBilly D's Golf CenterHead Teaching Professional
De Bruin, ChrisLife Member
deBruin, BrianHighwood G&CCClass A Professional
Deneer, JohnBearspaw CCClass A Professional
Dereniuk, DeanMeadowlands GCHead Professional
Dern, MikeTaber GCHead Professional
Devoe, RyanPicture Butte GCCandidate For Membership
Dew, BrendaJasper Park Lodge GCClass A Professional
Di Ubaldo, MarkRed Deer G&CCCandidate For Membership
DiBartolo, AndreBelvedere G&CCClass A Professional
Dick, WayneClass A Professional
DiPasquale, ChrisParadise Canyon GRClass A Professional
Doucette, RyanAffiliateClass A Professional
Douglas, JoelCottonwood G&CCCandidate For Membership
Down, DanaCanmore G&CCClass A Professional
Drake, DavidPine Hills GCExecutive Professional
Dreger, BillCanmore G&CCClass A Professional
Driscoll, CamGolf Performance Canada at Elbow SpringsTeaching Professional
Driscoll, JamieWhitecourt G&CCHead Professional
Drolet, TaylorCarnmoney GCCandidate For Membership
Drummond, GraemeInglewood G&CCCandidate For Membership
Dunfield, NevinLinks of GlenEagles (The)Head Professional
Dunn, GeoffAthabasca G&CCHead Professional
Dyck, RyanLewis Estates GCCandidate For Membership
Dyki, EvanBlackhawk GCCandidate For Membership
Dykstra, GrantClass A Professional
Dzieciuch, EdmundApple Creek GCCandidate For Membership
Easthope, KevinSandpiper GCHead Professional
Ebbers, StephenDerrick G&WC (The)Class A Professional
Eichele, RichardCanmore G&CCHead Professional
Ellerman, TrevorConnaught GCExecutive Professional
Emslie, MarcClass A Professional
Engel, JaredAffiliateClass A Professional
Engelhardt, EdRiver's Edge GCExecutive Professional
Evans, DarrenAffiliateClass A Professional
Ewen, AlanLife Member
Fagan, ShawnEdmonton Petroleum G&CCClass A Professional
Fahey, MikeRedwood Meadows G&CCTeaching Professional
Farrell, RussellLife Member
Fast, BrianSirocco GCHead Professional
Fawns, CameronCandidate For Membership
Feener, ChadLeduc GCCandidate For Membership
Fehr, JamesPGA of Alberta MemberClass A Professional
Felesky, BlairBearspaw CCExecutive Professional
Fenske, MikeWillow Park G&CCClass A Professional
Fenwick, JordanGolfTEC CalgaryCandidate For Membership
Ferguson, CecLife Member
Feschuk, GeneLife Member
Fishwick, BradTeaching Professional
Fiske, ToddRiver Bend G&RAHead Professional
Fiske, CodyThe Golf Academy at River BendHead Teaching Professional
Fleming, JoshGolfTEC Calgary Beacon HeightsHead Teaching Professional
Florkowski, JesseMedicine Hat G&CCCandidate For Membership
Foote, KurtisWoodside GCHead Professional
Forshner, JudyGlencoe G&CCHead Professional
Forshner, BillDouglasdale GCHead Professional
Forshner, RobertHamptons GC (The)Head Professional
Fox, AndrewArdmore GCHead Professional
Fox, BraxtonCamrose GCCandidate For Membership
Frame, KenRed Deer G&CCHead Professional
Fraser, JimEagle Point GCHead Professional
Freeman, MattCanyon Meadows G&CCHead Professional
Freeman, AlexandraSilver Springs G&CCClass A Professional
Friesen, TyeLacombe G&CCClass A Professional
Fry, Kelli D.Class A Professional
Fukushima, KentAffiliateCandidate For Membership
Gagne, BradMcKenzie Meadows GCClass A Professional
Gallop, RandyBonnyville G&CCHead Professional
Gardner, JoshOasis Greens GCTeaching Professional
Gawley, MattEdmonton Garrison Memorial G&CCExecutive Professional
Geran, DanLac La Biche G&CCClass A Professional
Gerlitz, JamiePicture Butte GCHead Professional
Gerlock, ErikTaber GCCandidate For Membership
Gfrerer, KevinLethbridge CCCandidate For Membership
Gibson, DerekPGA of Alberta MemberLife Member
Gibson, CraigSirocco GCCandidate For Membership
Gibson, VincentHinton GCCandidate For Membership
Gillan, MichaelFort McMurray GCExecutive Professional
Gillett, WestonDrayton Valley GCHead Professional
Gladue, JasonKlo Tela Sandz Driving RangeTeaching Professional
Glanville, RobertMiskanaw GCCandidate For Membership
Goplin, TrevorDerrick G&WC (The)Head Professional
Gordon, TiffanyCottonwood G&CCExecutive Professional
Goselwitz, LandonEdmonton Petroleum G&CCCandidate For Membership
Goulard, TravisCandidate For Membership
Graf, KevinSerenity GCHead Professional
Graham, MichaelMcKenzie Meadows GCCandidate For Membership
Grant, DannyBarrhead GCHead Professional
Grant, CliveAffiliateClass A Professional
Gray, DaveTrestle Creek GRExecutive Professional
Gray, MatthewYellowknife GCHead Professional
Greiner, TomCalgary G&CCHead Professional
Griffi, AnthonyClass A Professional
Griffith, GregFox Hollow GCHead Professional
Grosart, BrentEaglequest Golf DomeHead Teaching Professional
Grosart, CarterBlue Devil GCCandidate For Membership
Gross, RickLethbridge CCHead Professional
Haley, JasonGolf Canada CentreTeaching Professional
Hall, WayneBelvedere G&CCClass A Professional
Halpen, ToddGolf Canada CentreCandidate For Membership
Halverson, BryceWinston GC (The)Candidate For Membership
Halvorsen, BobLife Member
Hancock, CodyCardiff G&CCCandidate For Membership
Hardy, RichardMcKenzie Meadows GCHead Professional
Hardy, BruceMill Woods GCTeaching Professional
Hargreaves, LandonHighlands GCExecutive Professional
Hart, SamuelHamptons GC (The)Candidate For Membership
Hartford, GaryRiverside GCClass A Professional
Hasselman, JoelLethbridge CCCandidate For Membership
Haswell, ScottCarnmoney GCClass A Professional
Hawes, DerrickGolfTEC Calgary Beacon HeightsTeaching Professional
Healy, RonaldLife Member
Heck, DeanClass A Professional
Heffernan, WesGolf Canada CentreCandidate For Membership
Heise, CameronSpringbank LinksHead Professional
Hemstreet, PaulCanal at Delacour (The)Head Professional
Hendry, ColeCandidate For Membership
Henzie, DaveNanton GCHead Professional
Herbach, RyanElbow Springs GCClass A Professional
Herkel, ChrisInnisfail GCClass A Professional
Hide, RoyRed Deer Discount GolfClass A Professional
Higgens, JaronTurner Valley GCClass A Professional
Hillcoff, MarkHeritage Pointe GCClass A Professional
Hnatiw, JasonWindermere G&CCHead Professional
Hofman, ShawnCandidate For Membership
Hogan, MichaelGlencoe G&CC Teaching CentreTeaching Professional
Hogan, KevinVictoria GCHead Professional
Hogan, J.R.GolfTEC CalgaryTeaching Professional
Holland, ScottSilvertip GRHead Professional
Hopfner, JonathanRiver Ridge G&CCCandidate For Membership
Horton, PaulHeritage Pointe Golf AcademyTeaching Professional
Howard, BrianAffiliateClass A Professional
Huculak, BrianLethbridge CCExecutive Professional
Hudyma, WadeRoyal Mayfair GCExecutive Professional
Hughes, ChrisEdmonton CCCandidate For Membership
Hunter, RandySilver Springs G&CCClass A Professional
Ingalls, DeanSilver Springs G&CCHead Professional
Ingoldsby, KenRiverside GCHead Professional
Innes, PaulClass A Professional
Irvin, TaylorValley Ridge GCClass A Professional
Jack, KevinEdmonton CCClass A Professional
James, DarrylNational Golf Academy @ ShaganappiHead Teaching Professional
James, RobbStony Plain GCHead Professional
Jempson, JimLife Member
Jenkinson, GarettGolf Performance Canada at Elbow SpringsHead Teaching Professional
Johannson, JoelMeadowlands GCExecutive Professional
Johnson, MattRoyal Mayfair GCHead Professional
Johnson, GregCrystal Ridge GCHead Professional
Jun, MinbaeGolf Canada CentreCandidate For Membership
Jurak, ToddSylvan Lake G&CCHead Professional
Karlson, BradyCanyon Meadows G&CCCandidate For Membership
Kenneford, PeterBelvedere G&CCClass A Professional
Ketter, KerryLife Member
Kidon, StuartWinston GC (The)Class A Professional
Killian, AlanRetired Member Retired Member
Kincade, GregEdmonton CCHead Professional
King, JamesJagare Ridge GCClass A Professional
King, SladeLinks of GlenEagles (The)Executive Professional
King, LyndonCollicutt Siding GCHead Professional
Kirkness, SamuelPriddis Greens G&CCClass A Professional
Kirlin, MatthewLynx Ridge GCCandidate For Membership
Koenig, MonteLife Member
Kollman, BrianGolf Canada CentreTeaching Professional
Komada, MattClass A Professional
Komick, TylerRanch G&CC (The)Class A Professional
Koster, MelissaCarstairs GCCandidate For Membership
Kotylak, LindseyGolfTEC EdmontonTeaching Professional
Kovacs, DerekEdmonton CCClass A Professional
Kruger, BlaineStony Plain GCCandidate For Membership
Krulicki, JordanRed Deer G&CCCandidate For Membership
Kryway, CliffordClass A Professional
Kureluk, JamieGolfTEC CalgaryHead Teaching Professional
Kwas, TaylorLinks of GlenEagles (The)Candidate For Membership
Lamb, WibLife Member
Latimer, CameronHeritage Pointe GCClass A Professional
Lauder, SteveLong Shotz Driving RangeTeaching Professional
Laugher, RonPriddis Greens G&CCHead Professional
Lavallee, JeremyRoyal Mayfair GCClass A Professional
Lavoie, ShawnWinston GC (The)Executive Professional
Lean, RobertRiver Spirit GCClass A Professional
LeBouthillier, TylerLynx Ridge GCHead Professional
Lecuyer, GaryClass A Professional
Lecuyer, TonyThe Creek GCRetired Member
Lecuyer, DouglasLewis Estates GCTeaching Professional
Lee, TommyLakeside GCHead Professional
Lidbury, TreyWoodside GCCandidate For Membership
Linquist, JerryLewis Estates GCExecutive Professional
Locke, EricPriddis Greens G&CCCandidate For Membership
Lockert, JoshWoodside GCCandidate For Membership
Loftus, BudLife Member
Lowe, PaulLife Member
Lown, GreggJasper Park Lodge GCExecutive Professional
Lubin, JeffRiverside Golf AcademyTeaching Professional
Lunge, ConnorMedicine Hat G&CCClass A Professional
Luopa, ShaunHeatherGlen GCClass A Professional
Lynes, KevinWestlock GCHead Professional
MacComb, DavidBlackhawk GCClass A Professional
Macdonald, SandyLife Member
MacDonald, BobDouglasdale GCTeaching Professional
MacDonald, MathewHenderson Lake GCClass A Professional
MacGregor, JeffInglewood G&CCHead Professional
MacGregor, RobMiskanaw GCExecutive Professional
Machesney, DaleGlencoe G&CCClass A Professional
Mackarenko, MatthewCountry Hills GCClass A Professional
MacKay, WilliamFort McMurray GCClass A Professional
Mackenzie, RyanPriddis Greens G&CCClass A Professional
MacKinnon, JenniferEarl Grey GCCandidate For Membership
Maclean, JordanGolfTEC EdmontonTeaching Professional
MacLeod, PaulGolf Performance Canada at Elbow SpringsTeaching Professional
MacPherson, RobPonoka Community GCHead Professional
Maegaard, JaeParadise Canyon GRClass A Professional
Mah, MatthewMill Woods GCCandidate For Membership
Maher, JeremyValley Ridge GCHead Professional
Manarey, WillEarl Grey GCCandidate For Membership
Mantrop, ShannonPriddis Greens G&CCTeaching Professional
Manz, JacobSpeargrass GCHead Professional
Marshall, ColeYellowknife GCClass A Professional
Martens, BobGrande Prairie G&CCHead Professional
Martens, CamWindermere G&CCTeaching Professional
Matheson, MattTrestle Creek GRHead Professional
Mattson, WayneMedicine Hat G&CCHead Professional
Matuch, MichaelBearspaw CCHead Professional
Maxwell, ToddClass A Professional
Mayes, DavidHonorary Life Member
McArthur, CraigBlackhawk GCHead Professional
McArthur, BobHeritage Pointe Golf AcademyHead Teaching Professional
McBride, DeanCoyote Creek Golf & RV ResortHead Professional
McCluskey, PhilDinosaur Trail G&CCHead Professional
McConnell, JaedonDrayton Valley GCCandidate For Membership
McCourt, MurrayRanch G&CC (The)Executive Professional
McDermott, RyanLinks at Spruce Grove (The)Candidate For Membership
McDermott, LeviPheasantback Golf & RV EstatesCandidate For Membership
McDonald, DarrellMill Woods GCExecutive Professional
McDougall, BillMaster Professional
McDowell, BlairNorthern Bear GCExecutive Professional
McEachern, MichaelGlencoe G&CCCandidate For Membership
McEvay, MikeGoose Hummock GRHead Professional
McFarlane, DonRed Deer G&CCExecutive Professional
McGarry, GregGlendale G&CCHead Professional
McGonagle, NeilCarnmoney GCClass A Professional
McIntosh, DanielRiver's Edge GCCandidate For Membership
McKenzie, ChrisMiskanaw GCHead Professional
McKiernan, JohnHeatherGlen GCCandidate For Membership
McLeay, RobRiverside Golf AcademyHead Teaching Professional
McPhail, MitchellNorthern Bear GCCandidate For Membership
Meria, RayRetired Member Retired Member
Meyer, GarryLife Member
Miller, BrianRiver Bend G&RAExecutive Professional
Miller, AaronWolf Creek GRHead Professional
Miller, KyleGolfTEC CalgaryCandidate For Membership
Mills, TroyJasper Park Lodge GCClass A Professional
Milne, RayDerrick G&WC (The)Life Member
Moe, SteveClass A Professional
Monk, JoelHeatherGlen GCHead Professional
Moore, TrevorAdvantage Golf Academy Inc.Teaching Professional
Moore, RyanPonoka Community GCClass A Professional
Morrison, BrentClass A Professional
Moulton, JimIndian Hill GCClass A Professional
Muirhead, CameronAffiliate - Cherry Hill CoffeeClass A Professional
Murchison, BillGolf Canada CentreHead Teaching Professional
Murphy, JordanStony Plain GCClass A Professional
Murphy, GageCardiff G&CCCandidate For Membership
Murray, SeanBearspaw CCCandidate For Membership
Musselman, BlairNevada Bob's (Grande Prairie)Teaching Professional
Myren, JayPriddis Greens G&CCTeaching Professional
Neilsen, AndyCardiff G&CCExecutive Professional
Nelson, DaveEvergreen Golf CentreHead Professional
Nesbitt, ChrisWillow Park G&CCCandidate For Membership
New, ArtAffiliateClass A Professional
Newis, GordGlencoe G&CCClass A Professional
Nikirk, DaveSpringbank LinksClass A Professional
Niznik, KevinEarl Grey GCClass A Professional
Noga, JerryNational Golf Acad. @ Confed. ParkHead Teaching Professional
Norlin, AlAlberta Springs GRHead Professional
O'Connell, RyanCountry Hills GCCandidate For Membership
O'Doherty, PatrickCarnmoney GCCandidate For Membership
Ohlhauser, CraigLand-O-Lakes GCCandidate For Membership
Oko, BlairBlair Oko Golf AcademyHead Teaching Professional
Oliphant, BrianWho's Your Caddy? Golf Shop Inc.Teaching Professional
Orban, ScottMcKenzie Meadows GCExecutive Professional
Ostapczuk, StanWhitecourt G&CCClass A Professional
Pacholok, ChrisGlendale G&CCClass A Professional
Pakylak, AaronHamptons GC (The)Class A Professional
Palamaruk, LanceLac La Biche G&CCHead Professional
Palenchuk, KeithEarl Grey GCClass A Professional
Paley, BobKananaskis Country GCHead Professional
Paskin, ChrisDesert Blume GCExecutive Professional
Patrick, DarylGlencoe G&CCClass A Professional
Paulson, MichaelClass A Professional
Pecman, TylerHighlands GCClass A Professional
Pederson, AdamEdmonton Garrison Memorial G&CCClass A Professional
Penner, AndrewClass A Professional
Penny, BillLife Member
Petryk, LarryRaven Crest G&CCCandidate For Membership
Phillips, JamesClass A Professional
Philpott, DanielThe QuarryHead Professional
Piercey, ShaunRanch G&CC (The)Head Professional
Pike, MichaelFort McMurray GCCandidate For Membership
Pilat, CynthiaClass A Professional
Piscopo, MatteoVictoria GCClass A Professional
Pistorius, AlbertPinebrook G&CCCandidate For Membership
Plouffe, JacquesBlackhawk GCClass A Professional
Porter, EricLethbridge CCClass A Professional
Poupart, DaniellePriddis Greens G&CCClass A Professional
Prebushewski, TedGreen Acres Driving RangeHead Teaching Professional
Presley, ColinElbow Springs GCHead Professional
Price, DonLife Member
Prosser, BrettClass A Professional
Proulx, ShawnRiver Ridge G&CCCandidate For Membership
Quickstad, BrynWindermere G&CCCandidate For Membership
Racz, GlennRiverview GCHead Professional
Raina, ShannonSirocco GCCandidate For Membership
Ranger, DustinEdmonton Petroleum G&CCCandidate For Membership
Reimer, JamieGolf Canada CentreTeaching Professional
Repp, DougBlue Devil GCClass A Professional
Richardson, StevenHeritage Pointe GCHead Professional
Ries, DarylClass A Professional
Riley, AlanSturgeon Valley G&CCMaster Professional
Risdon, DustinNational Golf Academy @ McCall LakeCandidate For Membership
Robb, RandyEdge Golf SchoolHead Teaching Professional
Robert, DavidClass A Professional
Robertson, AlanGolf Canada CentreTeaching Professional
Robertson, CurtisValley Ridge GCExecutive Professional
Robinson, DavidSilverwing Links GCHead Professional
Robinson, JamieCarnmoney GCClass A Professional
Rodda, JordanSturgeon Valley G&CCCandidate For Membership
Rogers, MarshaDerrick G&WC (The)Class A Professional
Rohatinsky, ReidGlencoe G&CCClass A Professional
Roman, MarkCountry Hills GCCandidate For Membership
Romanick, WadeGolf Den (The) - EdmontonTeaching Professional
Roney, BlakeTurner Valley GCCandidate For Membership
Roth, JasonCrowsnest Pass G&CCHead Professional
Rowland, SherylePinebrook G&CCHead Professional
Rowswell, DougBroadmoor GCTeaching Professional
Roy, JerryClass A Professional
Roy, KennyD'Arcy Ranch GCCandidate For Membership
Rumpel, TylerJagare Ridge GCHead Professional
Rumpel, ChadEagle Rock GCHead Professional
Rundell, LukeAlberta Springs GRClass A Professional
Rusznak, RobCarnmoney GCHead Professional
Ryan, BrandonCandidate For Membership
Samoluk, JanelleBearspaw CCCandidate For Membership
Sawatzky, TimClass A Professional
Schaefer, DerekLinks at Spruce Grove (The)Candidate For Membership
Schatzmann, ChrisStewart Creek G&CCHead Professional
Scheller, J.D.Turner Valley GCHead Professional
Schubert, GreggClass A Professional
Scinski, TaylorThe QuarryExecutive Professional
Seaman, CoryTurner Valley GCCandidate For Membership
Sear, GeoffInglewood G&CCClass A Professional
Sears, JeanineDerrick G&WC (The)Candidate For Membership
Seifert, MattEarl Grey GCClass A Professional
Shapka, CrystalHighwood G&CCCandidate For Membership
Shettler, BlairSerenity GCClass A Professional
Shields, CharlesRetired Member Retired Member
Shouldice, ScottSundre GCHead Professional
Siriphokham, PhuthasoneCandidate For Membership
Sklarenko, DeanPicture Butte GCExecutive Professional
Slatter, GaryClass A Professional
Smith, ScottClass A Professional
Snell, KevinPGA of Alberta MemberLife Member
Spriddle, DeanHenderson Lake GCHead Professional
Stanier, JasonInglewood G&CCExecutive Professional
Stark, WayneLife Member
Stasiewich, KenPriddis Greens G&CCClass A Professional
Steele, MichaelCandidate For Membership
Stiles, ScottInglewood G&CCCandidate For Membership
Stoski, JustinLethbridge CCCandidate For Membership
Stringer, RichardEarl Grey GCHead Professional
Strong, CoreyBroadmoor GCCandidate For Membership
Sveen, JeffAffiliateClass A Professional
Sweenie, TahlonJasper Park Lodge GCHead Professional
Swenson, JilCougar Creek GRClass A Professional
Szewczuk, AndrewBanff Springs GCHead Professional
Tanner, JeremyHighlands GCHead Professional
Tanton, DavidClass A Professional
Taylor, CarsonMcKenzie Meadows GCCandidate For Membership
Tell, JeffRanch G&CC (The)Candidate For Membership
Teno, FredericCalgary G&CCClass A Professional
Tester, PGACandidate For Membership
Thephasouvanh, VeeraphonLinks at Spruce Grove (The)Class A Professional
Thistle, KevinMickelson National GCHead Professional
Thomas, ChanceRanch G&CC (The)Candidate For Membership
Thomlinson, ChadPriddis Greens G&CCExecutive Professional
Thompson, TomClass A Professional
Thompson, SeanCalgary G&CCClass A Professional
Thompson, RickEdson GCHead Professional
Thomson, SteveGlencoe G&CCClass A Professional
Timms, KaseyHighlands GCCandidate For Membership
Tofani, RyanCottonwood G&CCHead Professional
Tomiuk, BrendonBroadmoor GCClass A Professional
Tomlinson, DaleWinston GC (The)Head Professional
Toth, ChrisJagare Ridge GCClass A Professional
Truong, MatthewRedTail Landing GCClass A Professional
Upton, JasonFort McMurray GCCandidate For Membership
Valleau, KimWinston GC (The)Class A Professional
Van Deurzen, BenStewart Creek G&CCClass A Professional
Van Kroonenburg, AshleyGlencoe G&CCCandidate For Membership
Van Slyke, MichelleStony Plain GCClass A Professional
Van Tighem, TaylorCalgary G&CCClass A Professional
Vander Mey, SpencerLewis Estates GCCandidate For Membership
Vander Mey, RonLewis Estates GCHead Professional
Vander Mey, NicholasWindermere G&CCCandidate For Membership
Vanderham, CaraEvergreen Golf CentreCandidate For Membership
Vaughan, RyanCold Lake G&WCHead Professional
Vaughan, JasonFort McMurray GCHead Professional
Vernon, RichardPine Hills GCHead Professional
Vincent, MatthewColoniale GCHead Professional
Vogel, CraigGolfTEC Calgary Beacon HeightsTeaching Professional
Vold, RyanWolf Creek GRExecutive Professional
Vold, KolbyWolf Creek GRCandidate For Membership
Vrolson, SpencerWhitecourt G&CCCandidate For Membership
Wade, KylePGA of Alberta MemberClass A Professional
Waldbauer, CamHenderson Lake GCClass A Professional
Walker, DeanAffiliateClass A Professional
Walker, JoshClass A Professional
Walter, MurrayRedwood Meadows G&CCClass A Professional
Walz, BradBrewster's Kananaskis Ranch Golf ResortHead Professional
Ward, JeffBrooks GCHead Professional
Ward, ChrisEdmonton Petroleum G&CCCandidate For Membership
Warwaruk, DanClass A Professional
Waters, WadeDesert Blume GCHead Professional
Watt, TimD'Arcy Ranch GCHead Professional
Webster, TedAffiliateClass A Professional
Webster, CorryLethbridge CCCandidate For Membership
Weich, JordanEarl Grey GCClass A Professional
Werbicki, AdamDerrick G&WC (The)Class A Professional
Werbicki, ShannonRoyal Mayfair GCCandidate For Membership
Westman, ScottRanch G&CC (The)Class A Professional
Whitecotton, KeithThe QuarryTeaching Professional
Whitlock, WayneHonorary Member
Whitton, JamesLeduc GCHead Professional
Wilkowich, KimRiver's Edge GCHead Professional
Williamson, StuartPGA of Alberta MemberClass A Professional
Williscroft, KirkCarstairs GCHead Professional
Willmer, JeffWhispering Pines G&CCCandidate For Membership
Willner, TylerRoyal Mayfair GCClass A Professional
Wilmot, PatBearspaw CCClass A Professional
Wilson, JohnMontgomery Glen GCHead Professional
Wilson, John D.Priddis Greens G&CCClass A Professional
Wilson, JayLife Member
Wilson, ReaganCalgary G&CCCandidate For Membership
Winch, MartyMill Woods GCHead Professional
Winters, KyleThe QuarryCandidate For Membership
Wisser, AdamEdmonton Garrison Memorial G&CCHead Professional
Witty, JoshStrathmore GCCandidate For Membership
Witvoet, LauraGull Lake GCHead Professional
Woods, BradClass A Professional
Woodward, RyanDerrick G&WC (The)Candidate For Membership
Workman, LukeGlencoe G&CC Teaching CentreTeaching Professional
Wright, TrentBroadmoor GCExecutive Professional
Wright, RichardRiver Ridge G&CCTeaching Professional
Wright, William Jr.Life Member
Wright, AndrewInglewood G&CCClass A Professional
Wyne, JillianGlencoe G&CC Teaching CentreTeaching Professional
Yanitski, StephenRoyal Mayfair GCCandidate For Membership
Yaremovich, CodyEagle Rock GCCandidate For Membership
Yeo, MattNorthern Bear GCCandidate For Membership
Yeske, TravisRiver Ridge G&CCHead Professional
Young, StevenBanff Springs GCExecutive Professional
Zaleschuk, MikeGolfTEC Calgary Beacon HeightsTeaching Professional
Zubiak, KrisPicture Butte GCCandidate For Membership