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Head Teaching Professional

5 easy steps to chipping

1.Ball position is placed off of your back foot, the foot furthest from target, with club face perpendicular to target line.

2.Feet together pointing 45 degrees left of target. If you are a right handed golfer, be sure to keep your shoulders parallel to target line.

3.Choke down on club, this will allow you to get closer to the ball and see down your target line better.

4.Position weight on your target side foot about 70% and keep it there throughout the chip.

5.Place a headcover behind the ball about a foot back, when you swing back avoid the cover. This will allow for a steeper descent into the ball. Do NOT try to lift the ball. The angle of the club will get the ball up in the air.

Practice chipping with different clubs around the green to see how the ball reacts with different clubs used. If you practice your short game 15 minutes before your round you will have a better feel for the greens and you will improve your score. Remember the short game amounts to 70% of your game.