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Sturgeon Valley G&CC
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Class A Professional
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Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. Played as a junior at Fort in View GC just outside Fort Saskatchewan until one day Gord Hayward asked me if i wanted to work in the golf shop. 2 years later I wanted to be a pro. Thanks to guys like Gord Hayward, Dave Robinson, Greg Risler and Rob Tipton for getting me excited to become a PGA member. Later moved to the Mayfair and spent some time working for Derek Gibson, which was a great learning experience. Returned back to FIV in 2003 where I eventually took over HP duties. In 2007 I had the opportunity to move back to the Royal Mayfair and gain the experience of hosting a large major sporting event, the LPGA Canadian Women's Open. After 7 great seasons at the Royal Mayfair I decided it was time for a change and moved over to the Sturgeon Valley G&CC to join Mark Beckwith and Tyler WIllner, which is where I am at present time.
While working in the golf industry I attended the University of Alberta where I was in the Fine Arts program and later attended Concordia University where I completed a BCom.