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Belvedere G&CC
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Head Professional

Practice Time on the Driving Range

The average complaint that I hear from a lot of golfers is that they hit the ball great on the driving range and as soon as they get on the golf course my golf game goes south. If this statement has crossed your lips at one time or another here is a tip for you.

To become a better player on the golf course you must practice like you play. While on the driving range try to avoid hitting the same club 10-15 times in a row. For the first ball start with a pitching wedge, then move to a seven iron with the next ball. With each successive ball chose a different club. When hitting each club it is important to focus on a specific target; pretend that it is the green or the flag. Visualize your favourite golf holes and replay them on the driving range. Hit a driver down the fairway. Play a six iron to the green. Chip the ball towards the flag. Furthermore, it is important that with each ball you force yourself to go through your pre-shot routine. By doing so you are practicing golf like you play golf.

Hopefully this tip while transform you form a great range player to a great player on the golf course. If you have any other questions find you local CPGA Golf Professional and he or she will be glad to help you.