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Friendly hints good for Pro Business

Golf may be considered the friendliest game in the world. Which other game allows for perfect strangers to approach others with offers of free advice? If you were to hit balls at a driving range for about an hour, or play a round of golf with three people you’ve never seen before, chances are that before long, you would have received several ‘tips’ on how to improve your golf game.

Everyone has good intentions. Unfortunately, most helpful hints hinder your game, rather than improve it.
Some of the more common pieces of advice are to change your grip or your setup position, generally resulting in more swing faults.

The grip and the setup are the only things in golf that everyone can do perfectly (yes, perfectly!) Anyone is capable of putting their hands on the club, or to set up to the ball in the same fashion as the pros.

At least 75% of swing faults are caused by poor grip or setup. The golf swing is a very easy, natural motion, as long as you are in a position to let it happen.

Two of the more popular swing change tips are keeping your left arm straight, and keeping your head down. The latter is my favorite. Should you keep your head down throughout the golf swing, you will hit the ball like a beginner for the rest of your life, regardless of how much you play or practice.

The following are some suggestions for becoming a better golfer in a shorter period:
1. Take lessons from a qualified Canadian PGA Professional.
2. Practice what you have learned in your golf lessons, on the driving range.
3. Do not buy instructional videos or books.
4. Don’t watch the instructional shows on the Golf Channel guaranteeing that your handicap will be reduced by 12 shots, after viewing their hour video. Even Tiger Woods couldn’t do this trick.
5. Take winter lessons to hone your changes before the season starts.
6. Continue taking golf lessons periodically to ensure that old habits don’t recur. Liken it to going to the doctor for a routine checkup.
7. DO NOT learn to golf from your spouse…unless he/she is a golf professional! Or unless you are looking for a fight.

Golf is a learned sport; you must ‘feel’ the swing.