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Country Hills GC
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Head Professional
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Brett Burgeson's career in golf has already seen him become a National Champion. The Country Hills Head Professional won the Canadian PGA Club Professional Championship in 2003, following a successful year provincially, where he won the Alberta PGA Head Pro Series and the Alberta PGA Provincial Club Pro Championship.

Among some of his other many playing accomplishments, Brett was the 1997 Alberta PGA Player of the Year, 2000 Alberta PGA Champion, 2001, 2002, 2005 and 2006 Head Professional Order of Merit Champion and 2002 Head Pro South Champion, 2005 and 2006 Head Pro Series Champion. He also won back-to-back Alberta PGA Club Pro Championships in 2003 and 2004.

Winning golf tournaments is a regular occurrence for the Edmonton native who grew up just northwest of the city in Westlock, Alberta. But what many people have not grown accustomed to hearing about, is Brett's commitment to continuous knowledge development and his constant desire to seek out the best in instructional methodologies.

He started playing golf at the young age of 7, learning how to hold and swing a golf club by watching his mother and father on the course at Westlock. When Head Professional, Tony Lecuyer, got involved, Brett had already earned a reputation within the club for his simple, balanced swing, and Tony continued to work with Brett, introducing some of the finer aspects of the game and ensuring a thorough knowledge on the rules of the game in preparation for competition.

As he grew older, his interest in golf subsided temporarily as he chose to pursue a playing career in hockey, succeeding amongst future NHLers while spending years in the WHL and the AJHL. Golf lured him back for good in 1990, when he successfully joined the Canadian PGA, embarking on a career that has seen him make just one stop at the Carstairs Golf Club. As an Assistant Professional, and later on as Head Professional, Brett committed much of his time to perfecting his swing through hours of practice before and after his regular shop shifts. In 2003, the Membership at Windermere was successful in luring him back up to Edmonton and in 2007 Country Hills brought Brett back to Calgary where today, he continues to provide the utmost in quality instruction and golf services.

As an instructor, Brett concentrates on the mental aspect of the game, and approaches strategy, attitude and analysis with each of his students.

In the same way he continues to take golf lessons himself from many of the Nation's top instructors, he also meets regularly with some of the province's top merchandisers and sales representatives, job shadowing his industry peers in learning techniques to apply himself and improve his own abilities and shop performance.

In 2001, Brett decided to take this one step further and enhance his formal educational background by attending a University of Calgary Management Program, where he has specifically gained knowledge in the areas of Marketing and Promotion. Always a strong proponent of Educational Seminars offered throughout the province, Brett is a regular attendee and participant in annual Seminars and Conferences as well as somehow finding the time to volunteer as a Director on the PGA of Alberta Board (2006-present). He also was an instructor to young students entering the Professional Golf Management Program at Grant MacEwan Community College from 2004-2007.

Along with the drive he possesses to raise the level of his own game, we can expect that Brett will continue to succeed in all aspects of golf, and have a positive impact on the lives of those who are fortunate to come in contact with him.