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Professional Development Award Winner

The Professional Development Award in Alberta is based on pre-defined measurable criteria and is designed to recognize PGA of Alberta Members who dedicate their time and demonstrate proven abilities in advancing the Association’s interests for the benefit of all Golf Professionals.   The following are areas where points are awarded:


Employment & Education

1. Attended Annual Buying Show (10 points)

2. Attended Spring Seminar (10 points)

3. Attended Professional Development Workshop (5 points/workshop)

4. Roadmap Skills Submitted (2 points/skill updated)

5. Completed Compensation Survey (5 points)



1. Participated in Sanctioned PGA of Alberta Tournaments (2 points/round)

2. Tournament Performance (2 points/round 73 & under)

3. Hosted a Sanctioned Tournament (employing facility) (1 point/10 players hosted)



1. Involved in a Committee (2 points)

2. Volunteering at PGA on Wheels events (2 points)


Click here to view your current points for the 2016 Season





2017 Winner
PGA of Alberta Member
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