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Each year the PGA of Alberta recognizes several Members and Industry Representatives for their achievements throughout the season and their career, as well as for their contributions to the Association and the Game of Golf.
Members and Industry Partners are given the opportunity to vote for deserving individuals in the following categories of Awards, presented to recipients at the Annual Awards Banquet in the fall:
Awards are also presented to Tournament Champions and a Player of the Year is selected by a selection committee, upon review of scoring averages, money earnings, and competition levels. The award will be presented at the PGA of Alberta Awards Banquet.

The Jack Skellern Patron of the Year Award is presented annually on behalf of the Association to an individual or organization, for their support of the PGA of Alberta and the advancement of Professional Golf in the province.




Lifetime Achievement Award

The PGA of Alberta introduced the Lifetime Achievement Awards, to recognize the professional careers and contributions made to the Profession and the Association in the following five categories:


Player Teacher Association Builder Leadership




Henry Martell, 2003
Frank Fowler2004
Bud Loftus2006




Alex Olynyk2003
Clayton Robb2005

 Alan Riley, 2016




Sandy Robertson2003

Dave Mayes2004
Bill Quilley2005
Derek Gibson2007
Alan Ewen2008

Don Price2012

Don Price2003
Jay Wilson2009





Jack Skellern2014







The following criteria has been established for consideration for these Awards:  Candidates must be 55 years old; and Candidates must have worked in the Alberta Zone for 20 years or have made a significant contribution to the Alberta Zone.


1. Won National Championship

2. Won multiple Provincial Championships

3. Represented Canada in competition

4. Dominant player of their time in their area



1. National Award Winner

2. Multiple Provincial Award Winner

3. Brought innovative technique to the Alberta Zone

4. Most respected instructor in their area

5. Taught multiple champions


Association Builder

1. President of the PGA of Canada

2. President of the PGA of Alberta

3. Served as chair on multiple committees of the PGA of Alberta

4. Made significant contributions to the Alberta Zone



1. Mentored multiple Head Professionals

2. Made significant contribution to their club

3. Made significant contribution to the industry

4. Most respected professional in their area



1. Non Member of the PGA of Alberta

2. Made significant contribution to the Association over an extended period of time
The Board of Directors currently has a list of Members and Non-Members, both Past and Present for consideration of these Awards in the future.  Members of the PGA of Alberta are invited to nominate individuals for Lifetime Achievement Award consideration by the Board of Directors, by contacting the Board of Directors or the Zone Office.



PGA of Alberta Awards Process


  • Based on application forms received by each Member who has been nominated by one of their peers or industry affiliates, their application is graded by an Awards Sub Committee.
  • The Sub Committees for each Award are comprised of past winners of that particular Award.
  • The 5 Nominees whose application ranks the highest from Members of the sub-committee are presented to the Selection Committee as Finalists.
  • The Selection Committee is comprised of ten of the past Club Professional of the Year Award recipients.
  • The Selection Committee reviews all Award Finalists submits confidential votes based on a point system.
  • Awards are presented to the recipients with the most total accumulated points. 

*Once a Member wins an award nationally, they cannot win in the same category again provincially*

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