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PGA of Alberta Buying Show


The 2017 show will be taking place from October 16 - 19, 2017
at the Edmonton Expo Centre - Hall E


 For more information please click one of the links below.  We look forward to seeing you in October.





The Buying Show is organized each year by the PGA of Alberta and held in Edmonton, Alberta one week after Thanksgiving.

The purpose of this show is to bring Golf Professionals and Equipment Manufacturers together, so as to prepare their inventories for the following season.

Over the course of three days, close to 1,500 people gather from across the country and around the world, for a look at what's new and exciting in the golf industry.

The Buying Show is an event that is restricted to Members of the PGA of Canada, Non PGA of Canada Golf Facilities and Golf Industry Equipment Manufacturers.

Registration Packages are sent out in May to all equipment manufacturers who have exhibited at the show in previous years, and to companies who have made requests to exhibit at this year's show.


Registration Packages - PGA of Canada Members





Attendance Policy

Admittance to the PGA of Alberta's Buying Show is reserved to:

  • 1. Individuals working for a registered exhibitor
  • 2. Individuals working for a registered golf facility

In order to gain admittance to the show, individuals must be pre-registered with the PGA of Alberta Office.  An identifying name badge, which is provided to individuals at the show during registration, must be worn at all times while inside the show.

To register your golf facility or your company for the buying show, please contact the PGA of Alberta Office at 1.888.866.6140 or by email:

All show attendees must observe the Buying Show Rules & Regulations at all times.



The contract may be terminated through written notice sent to the PGA of Alberta at least 30 days before the Buying Show is held.  A sum of $200.00 will be retained to cover administrative fees.  The balance will be reimbursed to the exhibitor.  Should cancellation come less than 30 days before the show, the exhibitor must assume all costs related to their involvement in the show, including registration.


A space is considered sold once it has been paid for.  Space is sold to an exhibitor at the discretion of the organizing committee alone.  If desired, the committee may change the layout or location of an exhibitor’s space up to 10 days before the show.


The exhibitor agrees to use the rented space for their own purposes, to promote their services exclusively.  The exhibitor may not share the assigned space in part or in whole with another company.


The exhibitor agrees to respect any contract, agreement or collective agreement binding them to the PGA of Alberta and to the suppliers for the show.  They also agree to obey the laws of different levels of government and those of the fire department.


This space is only available to companies who have never attended the PGA of Alberta Buying Show in the past. The floorplan space will be shared with other companies that are new to the Show and wish to showcase their product/company.


The PGA of Alberta Buying Show will not be responsible for any products and/or services sold or offered by the Vendor.  The PGA of Alberta Buying Show will not assume any responsibility for losses or injuries to property or persons, which might be incurred from pilfering, water damage, fire, accident, or any other cause.  The exhibitor is liable for the damage and deterioration caused to the building, the booth, and the merchandise and goods of other exhibitors.


All Vendors must have commercial general liability insurance of TWO MILLION DOLLARS, and are required to submit an insurance certificate or certified copy of the policy.  This certificate must identify ‘PGA of Alberta’ as additional named insured, but only with respect to your business operations during the PGA of Alberta Buying Show.


The Vendor shall indemnify The PGA of Alberta and its Directors, Officers and Employees, and volunteers from all losses, claims, costs and liabilities which may arise directly or indirectly, as a result of the granting of this exhibitor license.  The Vendor shall be solely responsible for all acts or omissions due to or caused by any person at any time while occupying the Licensed Area.


The exhibitor agrees to respect the timetable in the show schedule.  In return, the organizing committee agrees to provide access to the exhibition site as stipulated in the timetable.


The exhibitor agrees to abide by the regulations in force and any other regulation that the organizing committee may adopt before, during or after the Buying Show.  


The exhibitor agrees to respect the timetable in the show schedule.  In return, the organizing committee agrees to provide access to the exhibition site as stipulated in the timetable.


The exhibition booth must appear in good condition on all sides and from top to bottom.


The exhibitor must ensure the presence of at least one representative at his booth during business hours for the Buying Show.


Exhibitors agree to comply with regulations respecting the HEIGHT & SIGNAGE used in their booth.  Booth walls may not exceed 15 feet and signage with company logos and advertising cannot back onto or overhang another exhibitor’s booth.  Failure to follow these regulations will result in booth modifications by the organizing committee.


During the set-up of the Buying Show, the exhibitor must ship their merchandise postage paid.  No one is authorized to accept merchandise requiring payment on delivery.


Under no circumstances may an exhibitor begin dismantling their booth before the Buying Show has closed.  Should an exhibitor violate this regulation, they will be banned from subsequent PGA of Alberta shows. 


The exhibitor agrees to pack up their goods in keeping with the move-out times in the show schedule.  Move In and Out must be done through the loading doors only.


The organizing committee has the right to refuse or prohibit entry to the Buying Show should an exhibitor violate the regulations.  Any such violation gives the organizing committee the right to terminate the contract and expel the exhibitor from the premises.


Absolutely NO guests will be allowed.  No one under the age of 18 will be permitted.


Photo ID may be required each time you enter the show facility, along with your badge identification.  Badge identification must be worn at all times.

(Jeans, cutoffs, track suits, etc, are not permitted in the show)


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