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PGA of Canada Candidate for Membership

The following outlines the process an individual must go through in becoming a Class A Member of the PGA of Canada.




A Candidate for Membership who has been accepted by the PGA of Canada is automatically enrolled into the Professional Advancement and Career Enhancement (PACE) Program. All six components of this Program must be completed within six years of a candidate's year of entry, and may be completed in just three years. Should a Candidate fail to complete the program within the six year time limit, they will be required to wait for a period of two years before they can re-apply for Membership. The annual deadline date is November 1. No exceptions shall be granted.




The work experience component must be obtained by working within the golf industry. A Candidate for Membership must obtain a minimum of 3,000 hours of relevant workplace time during their training. For greater clarity on what constitutes relevant workplace experience, individuals are requested to contact the PGA of Canada at 1.800.782.5764.




A Candidate for Membership has two options in completing their formal education component of the program:


OPTION 1      3 Year Business Diploma or University Degree


OPTION 2      University Degree or College Diploma other than Business

(must complete a 1 year Business Certificate from an accredited college or the Golf Management Institute of Canada online diploma)


Golf Management Institute of Canada (GMIC) Accreditation  (

Candidates for Membership who choose to complete the GMIC diploma to fulfil their formal education requirement will be given credit for the Food and Beverate and Retail Management courses upon their completion of the PGA of Canada modules and will be required to complete 8 of the 10 GMIC courses.  If a CFM has completed the GMIC onlilne diploma before entering the PACE Program, they will receive accreditation for the Food & Beverage and Retail Management modules.



National Coaching Certification Program

All Candidates for Membership must obtain 'Certified' status in Instructor of Beginner Golfers and Instructor of Intermediate Golfers contexts in order to become a Class A Member.


     Instructor Beginner >>> IB ‘Trained’ >>> IB ‘Certified’


It is compulsory for all Candidates to obtain Instructor Beginner 'Trained' status by September 30th of the following year that they become a Candidate for Membership. Failure to do so will result in their Candidacy for Membership being terminated.


     Instructor Intermediate >>> II ‘Trained’ >>> II ‘Certified’


Additionally, it is compulsory that a Candidate for Membership obtains their Instructor Intermediate 'Trained' status by September 30th two years after they become a Candidate for Membership or their Candidacy for Membership will be terminated.


For Example:

  • Playing Ability Test Completed - 2016
  • Instructor Beginner Workshop by September 30th, 2017
  • Instructor Beginner Portfolio and Video submission submitted for evaluation by November 30th, 2018
  • Instructor Intermediate Workshop by September 30th, 2019
  • Instructor Intermediate Portfolio and Video submission submitted for evaluation by November 30th, 2020



PGA of Canada Core Competency Modules

The PGA of Canada Core Competency Modules consist of formal learning experiences covering industry-based competencies. All Candidates for Membership will be required to achieve standardized learning outcomes as defined by the PGA of Canada.


The PGA of Canada Core Competency Modules will cover the following:

  • Golf Operations and Club Services
  • Turf Management
  • Tournament Operations and Event Planning
  • Retail Management
  • Food and Beverage



Rules of Golf

Candidates for Membership must successfully complete the online RCGA Level II Rules of Golf Course & Exam.



Club Fitting

Candidates for Membership must complete the recognized Club Fitting Program.

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