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Junior Golf

A properly conceived and conducted program of junior golf activities has the potential to do a great deal more with young people than improving their golfing skills. The game of golf has exciting potential for personal growth and learning. This is particularly true when the adults in these programs work with the young golfers and help them to mature and grow as people.

Certainly, the improvement of the golfing skills of youngsters is one objective in conducting any junior program. Observing his own progress brings pleasure and feeling of satisfaction that is an important experience to any youngster. Working on skills also has its share of object lesson opportunities, such as being exposed to the undeniable law of effort, and reward and its obvious values should not be the only objective in conducting a junior golf program. There are goals of greater value that can come through a youngster's golfing experience than "low numbers on a scorecard". Fairness and equitable treatment as taught in the Rules of Golf are equally applicable to the "rules of life". Courage, perseverance and self-control, which are an elemental part of achieving playing success, are values which can be strengthened in situations. It is recognition of these "extra special" goals, and effort expended toward achieving them, that transforms junior golf "activity" into a junior golf "program".




For more information about how the PGA of Alberta can help your junior program, or if you simply think that your junior program could use a boost, take a look at the following document
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