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Playing Ability Test





All prospective applicants to the PGA of Canada are required to register as an Applicant with the PGA of Canada (, deadline is June 1, 2017) prior to registering for a Playing Ability Test in 2017. Once an application has been accepted, the PGA of Canada will notify the PGA of Alberta Office that there is a new applicant who will be attempting a P.A.T.. Once an application has been confirmed by the PGA of Canada, the PGA of Alberta will begin accepting applications for any one of five possible Playing Ability Tests in the 2017 season.


To see if you qualify for a P.A.T. Exemption view this link:,1,46,1865,1875

Please note: all other requests for P.A.T. Exemptions are reviewed by the Membership Committee and they determine whether or not an exemption is granted.




One of the following must be completed to register as a Candidate for Membership (CFM) with the PGA of Canada: 


    1. Pass the PAT Target Score to register as a CFM:

  • 36 holes (two 18-hole rounds) of stroke play golf. The PAT Target Score to register as a Candidate for Membership is two (2) times the course rating plus 20 strokes.
  • Must pass the Class “A” PAT Score (two (2) times the course rating plus 15 strokes) within 6 years and prior to becoming a Class “A” Member or must restart the program.


    2. Pass the PAT Class “A” Score to register as a CFM

  • 36 holes (two 18-hole rounds) of stroke play golf. The Class “A” PAT Target Score is two (2) times the course rating plus 15 strokes.
  • Must pass Class “A” PAT Score along with all core competencies prior to becoming a PGA of Canada Class “A” Member.



Failure to successfully meet either standard will result in the applicant not being accepted.


If an applicant is unsuccessful in each of their P.A.T. attempts over the course of a season, those candidates may try again the following season and, if successful, will be accepted into the PACE program. They will pay dues for the upcoming season at that time. They will not receive credit for hours worked in the previous season. Click here for more information on the application process and the steps that need to be taken after becoming a member.


Playing Ability Test exemptions are available, as determined by the PGA of Canada.


2017 PGA of Alberta Tournament Rules






2017 Alberta P.A.T. Dates




2017 Date (Start time)


Standard of Acceptance







  Final Results


  May 23 (10:00am)

  June 7 (11:00am) (rescheduled)



CFM Target Score

160 (Men), 160 (Ladies)


Class "A" Target Score

155 (Men), 155 (Ladies)


May 9, 2017






  Final Results

  June 28 (12:18pm)

  June 29 (11:10am)



CFM Target Score  

158 (Men), 158 (Ladies)


Class "A" Target Score  

153 (Men),  153 (Ladies) 


June 14, 2017






  Final Results



  July 9 (4:10pm)

  July 10 (9:40am)


 CFM Target Score

162 (Men), 166 (Ladies)


Class "A" Target Score

157 (Men), 161 (Ladies)

June 30, 2017





  Final Results



  August 28 (10:00am)

  August 29 (8:00am)



CFM Target Score  

160 (Men), 160 (Ladies)


 Class "A" Target Score  

155 (Men), 155 (Ladies)


 August 14, 2017




Final Results



  September 6 (1:00pm approx.)

  September 7 (1:00pm approx.)



CFM Target Score  

160 (Men), 166 (Ladies)


 Class "A" Target Score  

155 (Men), 161 (Ladies)


 August 23, 2017




Once an applicant has registered with the PGA of Canada, they will be sent the 2017 P.A.T. registration form.

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