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Professional Series (2-day) - Blackhawk GC

Host Venue


Current Field
Host Venue: Blackhawk GC
Event Date: August 29/30, 2017
Draw Type: Tee Times

Current Field

Schedule of Events Day 1:



First Tee Time:



After completion of your round


Schedule of Events Day 2:



First Tee Time:



Professional Series events are one or two day events that take place throughout the summer. These events usually take place on a Monday or Tuesday and will qualify for Order of Merit points. Members must be Category I according to the PGA of Alberta Tournament Eligibility in order to be eligible to play. Members must now choose at the beginning of the season if they elect to play in Professional Series events or Players’ Tour events for the entire season. At the end of the year, the top 10 money winners on the Professional Series will qualify for the 2017 Tour Championship in September.


Maximum field per event: 60 players

Entry Fee: $285 (includes tax)


Payment Deadline: August 16 at 4pm

(Deadline to withdraw before penalty)

Registration Deadline: August 24 at 4pm

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