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Team Match Play - South

Host Venue

Host Venue: Wolf Creek GR
Event Date: May 17, 2017
Draw Type: Shotgun
Purse: $9,400

Round 3 Results


Consolation Pro-Pro Best Ball Results


Eric Locke & Nicholas Becker 65 $800


Mike Matuch & Pat Wilmot 66 $300


Stefan Cox & Albert Pistorius 66 $300


Brett Burgeson & Craig Dale 67 $100


Conditions of Competition:

  • Teams shall be comprised of two PGA of Alberta Members or Candidates for Membership in good standing. Members in Categories I and II are eligible.  Team members do not need to be from the same facility.
  • All teams will play rounds one and two at Wolf Creek GR on Wednesday, May 17th. The draw for round one and two will be done at random before the event date.
  • Winners of round one will continue and will play their second round in the afternoon.
  • Losing teams from round one will play in a consolation Best Ball event in the afternoon for a separate purse. There will not be a consolation bracket after the round two matches.
  • After round two of the Team Match Play has been completed, winning teams will have approximately one month to complete each of the remaining rounds.


*If all four members cannot agree on a date and time for their match (within the below deadlines), the Office will flip a coin to determine who will move on to the next round. A team can play a match with one player in order to have the match completed on time.


Partner Rule - A new partner change rule will be in effect for the 2017 Team Match Play Championship. Each team will be allowed one partner change throughout the duration of the tournament. The replacement player must not have already played in the tournament and must remain on the team for the remainder of the matches. The team will not be allowed to change back to the original partner.


Each team is only allowed this one partner change for the entire tournament. If a team needs another replacement due to injury or scheduling conflict, they will not be allowed. They must play the match with the one person only.


Team Match Play Championship Purse (Per Team)
Winner $4,200
Finalist $2,100                 
Semi-Finalists $800



  Deadlines for the matches are as follows: 



  May 18 to July 8         


  Round 3


  July 9 to August 26


  Round 4 (South Final)


  September 14



  PGA of Alberta Team Match Play Final

  (North Winner vs South Winner)

  Red Deer G&CC


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