Professional Development Points 2015 - Laugher, Ron

Tournament Participation Pro-Senior  
Tournament Participation Professional Series - Canal at Delacour (The) 
Tournament Participation Professional Series - Carstairs GC 
Tournament Participation Tournament of Champions 
Tournament Participation PGA of Alberta Championship 
Tournament Participation Senior Championship 0  
Tournament Participation Professional Series - Sundre GC 0  
Buying Show 2014 PGA of Alberta Buying Show 10 10 
Tournament Participation Pro-Assistant 0  
Tournament Participation Pro-Lady South  0  
Tournament Performance PGA of Championship R2 
Tournament Performance Pro Lady South 
Tournament Performance Pro Series - Carstairs 
Committee Involvement Awards 
Committee Involvement Board of Directors 
Spring Seminar Spring Seminar 10 10 
NOTE: Awarded points are based on the following maximums for the categories below

Buying Show - Maximum 10 points
Roadmap Skills - Maximum 10 points
Tournament Participation - Maximum 10 points
Tournament Performance - Maximum 10 points
Tournament Host - Maximum 10 points