Featured Facility Friday

Have Your Facility Featured

Looking to promote your facility in the off-season? Take advantage of the PGA of Alberta’s social media initiative where we will feature a new facility every Friday in the off-season on our Twitter and Instagram accounts (over 8,000 followers!).

Please submit the below form to have your facility featured! Facilities will be selected at random and all information must be filled in to be considered (unless noted as optional on form). In the event we have more submissions than Fridays available, we will store your information to be used the following off-season.

IMPORTANT - To prevent having multiple submissions from the same facility, please collaborate with your staff/team to ensure only one application is sent for the initiative. Thanks in advance.

As you’ll see in the form below, please let us know if your facility is able to donate a prize giveaway to help increase engagement with your post! This is OPTIONAL and not mandatory but will help increase the amount of viewers for your post. Prize could be green fee passes, merchandise, lesson, gift card, golf simulator usage, etc. As part of this giveaway, viewers will need to follow your facility account along with other conditions in order to be eligible to win.

POSTING ORDER - Priority will automatically be given to facilities that were not included in the initiative last year for posting order. If your facility was posted last year, you are able to submit the form again however your posting position will be defaulted to the bottom of the list.

If you want your Facility Featured, deadline to submit the form is January 31st, 2023. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].