Assistant Professional of the Year - Apprentice Professional

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Congratulations on being nominated for Assistant Professional of the Year - Apprentice Professional!

The Association’s goal is to make this process as objective and quantifiable as possible and to help us in that regard, we would like to find out more about your background, experience, and day-to-day responsibilities. This section is primarily made up of fill in the blank questions, with a few short answer questions to follow.

Award Guidelines, Criteria and Eligible Categories - CLICK HERE

All information submitted will be held in confidence. 

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PART 1 - Background Information about the Applicant and Place of Employment

There are no points awarded for Part 1, it is intended solely to gain information so that we can know you better!

Part 2 - The Applicant’s Questions

With all of your typed responses below, please provide a clear and succinct summary of your answers. Point form may be both appropriate and acceptable. Please answer each question in less than 300 words.

Part 3: Direct Supervisor Reference

Please ask your supervisor to send a reference letter to [email protected] and include the following points:

1) Please describe the responsibilities of the nominee at your facility.

2) Please identify examples of improvements that the nominee has made at your facility this year and/or during their tenure.

3) Please describe the nominee’s overall performance as a Apprentice Professional.

Part 4: Applicant Photo

Please send a professional head shot of yourself to [email protected] In the subject please include the name of the award and your name.

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*By completing this form, you are signing off on the validity of information presented in this application. Incomplete and/or ineligible nomination forms will NOT be considered. 

On October 2nd , the top five Nominees who have ranked the highest in their respective Award categories, as voted on by the PGA of Alberta Award Selection Committee, will be advertised on the PGA of Alberta website as Finalists. One finalist will be selected as the Award Winner.

Should you have any concerns with the application please contact Jason Stanier at Inglewood G&CC or Ashley Van Kroonenburg at the PGA of Alberta Office.