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Awards Process

As we continue to try and improve the process to identify nominees, more emphasis is placed on the individual nominees to put their best foot forward in their application bio. Below is a brief description of our current Awards Process.

  • Once a Member submits a nomination for an individual Member, this Member is contacted and asked to complete a very detailed application form based on the criteria for the particular award for which they have been nominated.
  • Based on application forms received by each Member who has been nominated by one of their peers or industry affiliates, their application is graded by an Awards Sub Committee.
  • The Sub Committees for each Award are comprised of past winners of that particular Award.
  • The 5 Nominees whose application ranks the highest from Members of the sub-committee are presented to the Selection Committee as Finalists.
  • The Selection Committee is comprised of past Club Professional of the Year Award recipients.
  • The Selection Committee reviews all Award Finalists & submits confidential votes based on a point system.
  • Awards are presented to the recipients with the most total accumulated points.

In early October, the top five Nominees who have completed the Application Form and ranked the highest in their respective Award categories, as voted on by the PGA of Alberta Award Selection Committee, will be advertised on the PGA of Alberta as Finalists, from which one will be selected as the Award Winner.

Awards Banquet - The 2021 PGA of Alberta Awards Banquet will reveal this year’s recipients on Wednesday, Oct. 20th at the Calgary BMO Centre (after the second day of the Buying Show).

*Once a Member wins an Award Nationally, they cannot win the same category again provincially.

Awards Criteria
Awards Criteria

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National Awards Program
National Awards Program

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Nomination Form

Please complete the form below by August 31st, 2021 to submit an Award Nomination. Only one nomination is required on the form but please feel free to nominate multiple individuals in different Award categories below. Incomplete forms will be disregarded.

Top 100 Points - Every Member that submits a completed nomination form BEFORE August 4th will receive 2 Top 100 points for this program year. The maximum points you can receive is 2 total, even if you nominate more than one person.

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Upon submission of this form, the Nominee will be contacted by the PGA of Alberta and will be required to complete an Awards Application Form.  Once the Application Form has been received, the Nominee will become an Award Candidate.

If you want to nominate another member for a different award, please submit the form again after the previous form is submitted successfully. Incomplete forms submitted will be disregarded.

Thank you for taking the time to nominate a member or industry representative.