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Draft Caddy For Sale

Price: 1000

For Sale

Draft Caddy is a mobile chilled draft system. It is completely portable and self-contained; each Draft Caddy unit uses revolutionary chilling and stabilizing technology to deliver perfectly poured cold draft even from warm agitated kegs.

Designed to pour ice-cold draft beer, anywhere, anytime, the Draft Caddy is the ultimate in mobile draft beer dispensing service.
- Patented icefloe chilling technology inside, which requires only water and ice
- Pour 36F (2C) draft beer without excess foam, even from unsettled and variable temperature kegs
- Capacity to carry two full-sized kegs
- Attractive, compact and easy to maneuver
- Optional capability for super fast pour
- Ideal solution for medium or larger size venues, especially those where remote draft beer service is required.

$1,000 (Delivery not included)


Shawn Lavoie

Executive Golf Professional

Calgary Elks


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