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Golf Range / Course Equipment

Forget Orlando and buy slightly used equipment in EXCELLENT condition.

$$$ All savings go directly to the bottom line!

Say good bye to muddy balls in the Spring. Purchase a 4500 ball pre soaker and connect to a high volume ball washer or feed directly into the holding bin for quick and easy ball management.

45, 000 capacity ball washers that make dirty balls look new in seconds.

Elevators can move 60, 000 balls per hour for easy delivery to the customer.

Throw away those ugly plastic crates and modernize with 20,000 capacity Ball Holding bins, lockable lid available.

Utilize current tecnhnology and purchase an Electric ball dispenser with the accessibility for built in counters and accounting features. ( Wireless available ) .

We also have used baskets, never to be replaced attractive and new solid rubber ball trays , dividers of various sorts, bag stands,

Calcana Overhead Heaters 20,000 BTU, Rotary Mowers, Staff Lockers,

Toro 5 gang mower set, mint condition walk behind JD Greens Mower, 25 ft. Light Standards, etc.

And more range equipment and course accessories than we know what to do with .