About the PGA of Alberta

PGA of Alberta

The PGA of Alberta is a provincially organized branch of the Professional Golfers’ Association of Canada which was formed in 1911. It is the second oldest professional golf association in the world. Operating as a not-for-profit organization, the PGA of Alberta organizes golf tournaments, education seminars, trade shows and consumer shows all with one goal in mind: to advance the careers of our Members.

A Day In The Life of a Golf Professional

Commitment and support toward their membership is their number one priority, and between phone calls from manufacturers, meetings with club members, tournament coordination, junior golf clinics and pro shop operations, they still find time in their day to lend a helping hand to members practicing on the driving range.

Our Members

The 650+ men and women who belong to the PGA of Alberta, are located at 180+ facilities throughout the province, and have chosen the game of golf as a career, promoting the game each and every day to Alberta’s 800,000 golfers. Each of these Members pays an annual Membership fee to the Association, and as a group, the organization works together with its’ Members to build programs to train and educate our Members and Apprentices. This includes various teaching workshops, accreditation programs and industry seminars, each designed to help ensure that our Members remain current within the golf industry and are able to provide the services expected of them throughout their careers. Ask for their card.


The thirty tournaments run by the Association for our Members help create recognition for the organization and its partners, but most importantly they enable our Members to maintain and develop their competitive skills. By participating in these high profile tournaments, our professionals also create a strong awareness for their own golf facilities within Alberta, and bring great revenue and recognition to the facilities who choose to host these tournaments.

Supporting Junior & Amateur Golf

The backbone for the continued success of golf in our province is Junior and Amateur Golf. As participation grows and as the population of our province increases, more and more pressure is put on our Members for leadership and skills training. Also, as the number of golf facilities increases, there is a greater demand for a PGA Professional. Our membership is fulfilling this demand at the moment, through our extensive education and training program, and will be growing substantially over the next few years in order to meet future expectations of the Alberta golf community. This growth for the Association will ensure that the game of golf remains a healthy and successful one in Alberta for years to come.