Mentorship Program

About the Mentorship Program

The PGA of Alberta Mentorship Program provides guidance and direction to new Members of the Association (Apprentice Professionals). Developed in conjunction with the Assistants’ Board of Directors, the objective of the Mentorship Program is to create a group of Members who are passionate about their careers, the industry and Association, leading to long-term commitment to the golf industry.

CLICK HERE to see Program Feedback from Mentors/Mentees

MentorshipExpectations of Mentors…

> Commit to your Mentor/Mentee relationship(s) for a minimum of 2-years

> Be accountable for your Mentee and provide continuous support on an ongoing basis as needed

> Set parameters of the relationship with the Mentee and create a plan for goals/objectives on what both parties want achieve (phase 1 & 2 in the Mentorship Package)

> Attempt to meet in person with your Mentee twice (Spring & Fall). Example: This can be accomplished over a round of golf

> Provide feedback to the office by completing the Mentor Evaluation Form when required

Top 100 Points…

Mentors - All Mentors will receive 5 Top 100 Points for their involvement in the Mentorship Program. Points are awarded annually in September. All Mentors must execute the action items as indicated and submit the Evaluation Form before being eligible to receive the points.

Mentees - All Mentees will receive 3 Top 100 Points for their involvement in the Mentorship Program. Points are awarded annually in September. All Mentees must attempt to be involved in the program and submit the Evaluation Form at the end of the season before receiving the points.

Become a Mentor…
If interested in being involved in the future, please CLICK HERE to submit the "Become a Mentor" form. After the form has been submitted, you will be contacted by the office staff shortly after.

Become a Mentee...
All new members of the Association are automatically signed up to be a Mentee in the program. If you received your card in 2021, you will automatically be assigned a Mentor in March of 2022.

If interested in being a Mentee and are not a new member as stated above, please contact [email protected] at the PGA office for more information. Mentors are assigned based on several factors including geographical location to the Mentee.