Mentorship Program

Program Feedback

  • "Great at sharing ideas and learning what kinds of things their course does with regards to events, travel, member services, buying, and corporate"

  • "It helped me to grow and develop listening skills and providing advice in an open and meaningful way (often in our jobs - at least mine - you solve problems - rather than help others to work through them)"
  • "As golf instructors we talked at length about approach to teaching golf - you never know everything about the golf swing and communicating changes within it. Great conversation on how to make golfers better"
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and would 100% sign up again and would urge the Association to continue on with this program as I see nothing but beneficial results from it"

  • "Good bonding and it felt great to help a younger member out with my experiences"

  • "Benefit I received was a renewed appreciation for the challenges and opportunities that exist for Apprentices in our Association"

  • "I always learn so much from our up and coming golf professionals. They have a unique and sometimes different perspective that I appreciate"

  • "Meeting a new person in the industry and getting to hear how different operation is run. Also gaining a different perspective on a new professionals opinion on the business and industry"
  • “Sharing knowledge and ideas through experience has been the most beneficial takeaway thus far. I enjoyed our second meeting where we got to sit down face to face and come up with creative ways to reach out to corporate customers.”

  • “I was able to ask him a lot of questions that I wouldn’t know who to ask. He was very kind.”

  • “Probably our planning/development meetings. They were incredibly helpful especially during this crazy summer with COVID”

  • I received a great friendship, knowledge in how to progress in this industry as well how to make myself useful in the winter months"

  • “I found it extremely valuable to simply chat with a member of the Association that has a lot of experience. It’s difficult to pinpoint one specific interaction but I would consider all of them beneficial”

  • “Expediting my goal achieving timeline. Helped me feel more confident of my abilities and to push myself”

  • Benefits being able to talk to someone throughout the year that isn’t at my facility"

  • "I have especially benefited in terms of keeping perspective about my role and employment, acquiring facility management strategies and skills, and networking with those in my Mentor’s web who are relevant to my interests and goals"

  • "A few ways to interact with clients, and a very beneficial way to draw out a roadmap in terms of number of lessons people need. As well as an increased level of knowledge in terms of the swing"

  • "New retail and product selling ideas, understanding sales from a private club perspective, and learning how to navigate times of uncertainty and change due to COVID-19. Long term the best benefit is getting to know my mentor and having that relationship to rely on him moving forward in my career"