Becoming a PGA of Canada Member

Become a Pro

The golf industry can be a rewarding and challenging industry for those who make the decision to call it their chosen profession.

Although the golf season in Alberta is considered ’too short’ by most golfers as a result of our seasonal climate, the golf industry is one that thrives year-round.  Most facilities in the province are open for play between April and October, with a select few in the southern part of the province seeing play in March and November as well.  And all facilities in the province are kept busy with the most active golf participation rate in the country.  Based on the 2006 RCGA Golf Participation Survey, nearly one in three Albertans plays the game of golf.

During the off season (December - February), most golf professionals try and find some time to take a break from the action and spend some valuable time with their families, a holiday perhaps to a warmer climate for a week or two.  Others may decide to take some Members or friends down to one of the many Pro-Ams run by PGA of Canada Members in conjunction with their PGA of America counterparts.

This time is also spent on making improvements to their operation, whether it is reorganizing the pro shop, upgrading the computer systems, or working on corporate tournament sales for the upcoming season.  The off-season, as you may well expect, is the only time when these tasks can be accomplished.

If you are looking at joining the 500+ golf professionals in Alberta who make their living in this game, check out some of the job opportunities available for this coming season, and make a point of talking with the Head Professional about what it takes to become a golf professional in Canada.

If you require further assistance and information about the opportunities that exist or have any further questions, please contact the PGA of Alberta office.