PGA of Alberta Awards

The PGA of Alberta Awards program stands as a crucial pillar in the recognition and celebration of its members’ exceptional contributions to the world of golf. Serving not only as skilled professionals but also as community leaders, these individuals play a pivotal role in nurturing the sport’s growth and fostering a deep passion for golf within their communities.

The importance of the Awards program, on both a provincial and national scale, is something the Association does not take lightly. Under the guidance of the Awards Committee, the program has evolved over the years and we believe that placing a strong focus on the nomination process will ensure as many deserving individuals as possible are recognized.

We invite you to join us in celebrating excellence within the PGA of Alberta community by submitting nominations for the PGA of Alberta Awards. This is your opportunity to recognize and honor individuals who have demonstrated exceptional dedication, innovation, and leadership in advancing the game of golf. By participating, you contribute to the recognition of deserving professionals whose contributions have made a significant impact on the industry and local communities.

Your nominations not only highlight the achievements of these outstanding individuals but also inspire others to strive for excellence and drive positive change within the sport. Together, let’s ensure that the remarkable efforts and achievements of members and industry affiliates alike do not go unnoticed. Submit your nominations between Tuesday, July 23, and Tuesday, August 27, at 4 pm, to help us celebrate the spirit of excellence that defines the PGA of Alberta.

List of Awards for Nomination

  • Apprentice Professional of the Year
  • Class "A" Professional of the Year
  • Club Professional of the Year
  • Coach of the Year
  • Executive Professional of the Year
  • Junior Leader of the Year
  • Retailer of the Year 
  • Sales Representative of the Year
  • Teacher of the Year

Finalists for each award will be announced on Tuesday, October 8, and the winners will be revealed at the PGA of Alberta Awards Cocktail Reception & Ceremony on Wednesday, October 23, at the BMO Centre in the Percheron Ballroom following the close of the second day of the PGA of Alberta Buying Show. 

Additional awards presented during the ceremony include the Jack Skellern Patron of the Year, Top 100 Winner, Championship Winners, Order of Merit Champions, and Player of the Year. 

Please note: every member who submits a nomination form during the nomination period (July 23-August 27) will receive 2 Top 100 points for this program year. The maximum number of points you can receive is 2 total, even if you nominate more than one person.

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Award Winners

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Patron of the Year Award

Jack Skellern Patron of the Year Award

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Lifetime Achievement Award

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