Play Ability Test

Play Ability Test

The Play Ability Test (PAT) is standardized testing all applicants must pass in order to be eligible to apply for membership. All prospective applicants are required to register with the PGA of Canada prior to registering for a PAT in 2020. Once an application has been accepted, the PGA of Canada will notify the PGA of Alberta Office that there is a new applicant who will be attempting a PAT. The PAT’s are conducted by the Zones.

New PAT Process

Step 1 - Register online at - The cost is $325 plus tax, which includes your 1st PAT attempt and is valid for one year from the date of the registration. After a year, you must re-register as an applicant to register for and attempt at PAT.
Step 2 - Register online at for all PAT’s - ($150 per each additional attempt, PAT’s for 2020 to be posted online by April 1)

If an applicant is unsuccessful in each of their PAT attempts over the course of a season, those applicants may try again the following season. Successful applicants will pay dues for the upcoming season at that time. Click here for more information on the application process and the steps that need to be taken after becoming a member.

PAT Target Score

  • 1 round PAT
  • No maximum number of attempts per year
  • All PAT’s are open to all applicants
  • For Men, 49 years of age & under - the course rating plus 9 strokes.
  • For Men, 50 years of age & older - the course rating plus 11 strokes.
  • For Women, 49 years of age & under - the course rating plus 13 strokes.
  • For Women, 50 years of age & older - the course rating plus 15 strokes.

New PAT Exemption Process

PAT exemptions are available, as determined by the PGA of Canada. To apply for a PAT Exemption, please follow the below steps.

Step 1 - Register online at - at $325 plus tax
Step 2 - Submit your scores for a possible PAT Exemption (click here), using the online form at (if successful, an additional fee of $25 plus tax applies).

Withdrawal Policy

Players who wish to withdraw from a PAT must do so no later than 4:00pm on the Thursday two weeks prior to the event. Please refer to the Withdrawal/Registration deadlines on the PAT page of the website.

  • Withdrawal up to two weeks prior to event, before Withdrawal/Registration Deadline = 100% Refund
  • Withdrawal after Withdrawal/Registration Deadline = No Refund

A player who fails to withdraw online or notify the office staff of their withdrawal from an event will not receive a refund of their entry fee.

2020 Alberta PAT Schedule - Coming Soon

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