Rules & Regulations

Tournament Manual

A document that contains all Tournament information including changes for the 2019 season, yardage guidelines, etc. is available by CLICKING HERE.

Tournament Play

A complete list of Rules and Regulations for 2019 tournament play is available by CLICKING HERE.
Our Lightning Policy for PGA of Alberta sanctioned tournaments is available by CLICKING HERE.


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Pace of Play

A player is subject to penalty if they unduly delay play under the provisions of this Pace of Play Policy under Rule 5.6.  All players are required to finish their rounds within the allotted total time par round duration posted on the first tee.  A round is considered complete when the scorecard has been handed into the Tournament Committee.  Time par for each competition will be placed on all score cards with each host club’s pace of play policy taken into consideration.  A group is also deemed to be out of position if at least one member of the group is not on a tee box before the group in front puts the flag in for that same hole.  The individual(s) will be assessed a two-stroke penalty based on the warning guidelines below.  The PGA of Alberta Tournament Committee Pace of Play guidelines and penalties for slow play are in effect for all PGA of Alberta tournaments and enforceable by the Tournament Rules Committee.

Pace of Play Warning Guidelines

1st Warning                

Rules Official warns entire group that they are out of position.

2nd Warning             

Rules Official must warn one or more individuals who are the cause of the group being out of position and commence timing the individual(s).

3rd Warning            

Rules Official to assess a two-stroke penalty to each individual in the group who takes more than 40 seconds to make a stroke when it is clearly their turn to play.

4th Warning                

Rules Official to assess a penalty of DISQUALIFICATION to one or more individuals who have been assessed a two-stroke penalty and incur a subsequent bad time.

In administering the Pace of Play, the PGA of Alberta Rules Committee is acting to improve the general pace of play for all PGA of Alberta tournaments at the direction of the PGA of Alberta Board of Directors. In performance of these duties, a PGA of Alberta Rules Official shall not be subjected to abuse, oral or otherwise. Such abuse by a player is conduct unbecoming of a professional and is subject to disciplinary action as outlined in the Code of Professional Practice.

Groove Rule

Players participating in 2019 PGA of Alberta tournaments will be required to use equipment which conforms with the USGA’s new specifications pertaining to grooves. To check your equipment prior to filling out your Tournament Eligibility Form, please visit: Simply enter your club company and the name of your equipment and the database will either give you a Yes or No under the category of "Meets 2010 Groove Rules". As a player, you will be responsible for whether or not your equipment is conforming. Players found to be playing with non-conforming equipment will be immediately disqualified from that event and future events until the situation is rectified.