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Name Facility Email Phone
Adam, DavidLife Member
Ajeem, Mohammed AktarApprentice Professional Golfuture YYC
Allred, KeatonApprentice Professional River Ridge G&CC
Allred, ScottExecutive Professional Elbow Springs GC
Alvarez, DarioApprentice Professional Double Circle Golf
Ames, RyanApprentice Professional Bearspaw GC [email protected]
Anderson, LukeApprentice Professional D’Arcy Ranch GC
Anderson, RyanHead Teaching Professional Glencoe G&CC Teaching Centre [email protected]
Anderson, ScottHead Professional Winston GC (The)
Anderson, StefanApprentice Professional Lakeside GC
Andrew, GregExecutive Professional Stewart Creek G&CC [email protected] 403-688-6868
Auger, HarveyApprentice Professional Eagle Point GC
Babcock, BarryLife Member
Babkirk, TyrelHead Professional Apple Creek GC
Baker, DerekTeaching Professional Derek Baker Golf Academy [email protected] 587-783-2265
Balog, BrockClass A Professional
Barendregt, NathanApprentice Professional Derrick G&WC (The)
Barkway, MattExecutive Professional Paradise Canyon GR [email protected]
Barnesky, RyonApprentice Professional Jasper Park Lodge GC [email protected]
Barrett, JayHead Professional
Bassen, BrianHead Professional Strathmore GC
Batsel, DillonApprentice Professional Desert Blume GC
Bearchell, WadeHead Professional Olds GC
Beauchemin, PierreExecutive Professional Links at Spruce Grove (The)
Becker, NicholasClass A Professional Silver Springs G&CC
Beckwith, MarkExecutive Professional Sturgeon Valley G&CC
Beeston, ConnorApprentice Professional
Behiels, JakeHead Professional Cougar Creek GR
Belbin, MikeClass A Professional Royal Mayfair GC
Bennett, JustinHead Professional Alberta Springs GR
Bergdahl, ScottHead Professional Lakewood GR
Berkner, BrettHead Professional St. Paul GC [email protected] 780-645-9223
Black, AndyLife Member
Black, KevinHead Professional Redwood Meadows G&CC
Bodoano, ChaseApprentice Professional Broadmoor GC [email protected] 780-203-0925
Bolen, DruClass A Professional [email protected] 639-316-4926
Bonenfant, PaulClass A Professional Golf Course Marketing
Boomer, JimExecutive Professional Innisfail GC
Boothby, RileyHead Professional Links of GlenEagles (The)
Bosch, MikeApprentice Professional Pinebrook G&CC
Boswell, Glenn J.Class A Professional Glencoe G&CC
Bowen, MichaelTeaching Professional Grande Prairie G&CC
Boyd, KyleHead Professional Edmonton Petroleum G&CC
Brandt, KyleClass A Professional Derrick G&WC (The)
Brayton, GordonClass A Professional [email protected] 587-437-1514
Brindley, JasonClass A Professional Canyon Meadows G&CC
Brock, ChadApprentice Professional St. Paul GC
Broderson, LyleHead Professional Claresholm GC
Brown, OliverTeaching Professional GOLFTEC Edmonton 780-705-2915
Brown, RandyApprentice Professional Olds GC
Brown, RyanApprentice Professional Athabasca G&CC
Brown, TonyApprentice Professional Stewart Creek G&CC
Bruce, AdamHead Professional Leduc GC
Buchner, AaronClass A Professional Fort McMurray GC
Buffalo, MitchClass A Professional Montgomery Glen GC
Bunner, AlexanderClass A Professional Belvedere G&CC [email protected] 780-467-2000
Busetto, JosephClass A Professional Edmonton Petroleum G&CC [email protected] 780-297-5639
Butcher, SeanApprentice Professional Serenity GC
Buttar, BlairHead Teaching Professional GOLFTEC Edmonton
Butz, WesleyApprentice Professional Fort McMurray GC [email protected]
Bygrave, BrianLife Member
Bygrave, WayneLife Member
Caines, RyanApprentice Professional Inglewood G&CC [email protected]
Callum, DavidExecutive Professional Fort McMurray GC [email protected]
Cameron, DanHead Teaching Professional National Golf Academy at Confederation Park GC
Cammidge, GrantTeaching Professional Jagare Ridge GC
Campbell, AdamApprentice Professional St. Paul GC
Cantera, DallasHead Professional Cardiff G&CC
Carlson, HunterApprentice Professional Golf Town Edmonton West [email protected] 780-240-0557
Carr, GlennExecutive Professional Lakeside GC
Carrington, BillLife Member
Carter, RhondaClass A Professional Blue Devil GC [email protected]
Carter, TerryHead Teaching Professional National Golf Academy Dome
Cartier, JacobClass A Professional Glendale G&CC
Cassidy, KaydeClass A Professional Hamptons GC (The)
Chale, AdamApprentice Professional Maple Ridge GC
Chan, StuartHead Professional Willow Park G&CC
Chapman, BrentClass A Professional Northern Bear GC
Charlton, ShelleyHead Professional Pinebrook G&CC
Chow, KevinHead Professional Blackhawk GC [email protected]
Chown, BradenClass A Professional Bearspaw GC [email protected] 250-505-9517
Christenson, GaryHead Professional Sturgeon Valley G&CC [email protected] 780-973-6700
Clayton, BlakeHead Professional Blue Devil GC
Clift, MarkusApprentice Professional Coloniale GC [email protected] 780-504-3492
Clymer, JPHead Professional Raven Crest G&CC
Coli, PatrickExecutive Professional Carnmoney GC
Collett, GerryClass A Professional Links at Spruce Grove (The)
Collins, BrendanClass A Professional Country Hills GC [email protected]
Collins, CoryClass A Professional Golf Traders - Edmonton
Connell, NealLife Member
Conroy, CarsonApprentice Professional Links of GlenEagles (The)
Conroy, QuinnApprentice Professional Links of GlenEagles (The)
Cook, AaronClass A Professional Blackhawk GC
Cook, MatthewApprentice Professional Riverside Golf Academy
Cooke, ChrisHead Professional Silvertip GR
Cooke, DarrenExecutive Professional Canmore G&CC
Copeland, DylanApprentice Professional Edmonton CC
Copeland, JoshHead Professional Wainwright GC [email protected] 780-983-5674
Copp, BryanLife Member
Corrigan, MarkClass A Professional
Corriveau, KyleHead Professional Fort McMurray GC [email protected]
Courage, GordExecutive Professional Hamptons GC (The)
Cox, StefanApprentice Professional Calgary G&CC
Crawford, KyleHead Professional Hinton GC [email protected] 587-930-8050
Crease, JohnApprentice Professional Jasper Park Lodge GC
Cuthbertson, JeffExecutive Professional Stony Plain GC
da Silva, JoeClass A Professional
Dale, CraigTeaching Professional Modern Golf [email protected]
Davidchuk, BobHead Professional Canal at Delacour (The) [email protected] 403-590-4515
Davies, JustinClass A Professional
Davison, JoshuaHead Professional RedTail Landing GC [email protected] 780-890-7888
Day, KevinHead Teaching Professional Billy D’s GC
Day, TomHead Professional Wintergreen GC
de Bruin, ChrisLife Member
Dekens, JordanApprentice Professional
Deneer, JohnTeaching Professional Silver Springs G&CC [email protected]
Dereniuk, DeanHead Professional Meadowlands GC [email protected]com 403-598-4777
DesRoche, GlenApprentice Professional Picture Butte GC
Dew, BrendaClass A Professional Jasper Park Lodge GC
DiBartolo, AndreClass A Professional Edmonton Garrison Memorial G&CC [email protected] 780-217-1914
Dick, WayneClass A Professional 403-362-4634
Diduck, JeffApprentice Professional Modern Golf
DiPasquale, ChrisHead Teaching Professional Par 3 Golf Academy at Bridge Valley Golf [email protected] 403-795-6666
Doerkson, CarterApprentice Professional Grande Prairie G&CC [email protected] 780-831-9592
Donihee, ChrisApprentice Professional Mickelson National GC
Doucette, RyanClass A Professional adidas Golf Canada
Down, DanaClass A Professional Canmore G&CC
Drake, DavidExecutive Professional Pine Hills GC [email protected]
Dreger, BillClass A Professional Canmore G&CC
Driscoll, CamTeaching Professional Elbow Springs GC
Driscoll, JamieHead Professional
Drolet, TaylorTeaching Professional GOLFTEC Calgary Beacon Heights
Ducheminsky, DallasApprentice Professional Taber GC
Duckworth, JamesonApprentice Professional Belvedere G&CC
Dunn, GeoffHead Professional Athabasca G&CC
Dunphy, ColeApprentice Professional Royal Mayfair GC [email protected] 250-341-5541
Dykstra, GrantClass A Professional
Dykstra, MattApprentice Professional Blackhawk GC
Easthope, KevinHead Professional Sandpiper GC
Eichele, RichardHead Professional Canmore G&CC
Ellerman, TrevorHead Professional Desert Blume GC [email protected] 403-580-0014
Engel, JaredClass A Professional adidas Golf Canada
Engelhardt, EdHead Professional River’s Edge GC
Evans, DarrenClass A Professional TaylorMade Golf Canada
Evans, KirkClass A Professional Red Deer G&CC [email protected]
Fagan, ShawnHead Professional Westlock GC
Fahey, MikeTeaching Professional Redwood Meadows G&CC
Fairbairn, WayneExecutive Professional Willow Park G&CC
Faraday, WyattApprentice Professional Elbow Springs GC [email protected] 403-831-5552
Farrell, RussellLife Member
Fast, BrianClass A Professional
Feener, ChadTeaching Professional Leduc GC
Fehr, JamesClass A Professional PGA of Alberta Member
Felesky, BlairClass A Professional
Fenske, MikeClass A Professional Turner Valley GC
Fenwick, JordanTeaching Professional GOLFTEC Calgary Midnapore
Feschuk, GeneLife Member
Fewer, NickApprentice Professional Lynx Ridge GC
Finlayson, TaylorApprentice Professional Links of GlenEagles (The) [email protected] 587-224-7432
Fisher, RyanApprentice Professional Golf Traders - Calgary [email protected] 403-690-1907
Fiske, CodyClass A Professional
Fiske, ToddClass A Professional PGA of Alberta Member
Fix, SamApprentice Professional Vimy Ridge Golf Academy [email protected]
Fleming, JoshHead Teaching Professional GOLFTEC Calgary Beacon Heights [email protected]
Fleming, RileyApprentice Professional Lynx Ridge GC
Florkowski, JesseApprentice Professional Connaught GC
Foote, KurtisHead Professional Country Hills GC [email protected]
Forshner, BillLife Member
Forshner, JudyHead Professional Glencoe G&CC
Forshner, RobertLife Member
Fowler, JohnApprentice Professional Wintergreen GC
Fox, AndrewHead Professional Ardmore GC
Fox, MitchellApprentice Professional Speargrass GC
Fraser, GarrettHead Professional Big Buck Golf Centre [email protected] 780-842-9162
Fraser, JimClass A Professional
Frederick, KylieClass A Professional Yellowknife GC
Freeman, AlexandraTeaching Professional Modern Golf 587-435-1989
Freeman, MattHead Professional Canyon Meadows G&CC [email protected]
Friedrick, MatthewApprentice Professional Brooks GC
Frose, PatrickApprentice Professional Royal Mayfair GC
Frost, ClaytonApprentice Professional Jasper Park Lodge GC
Fry, KelliTeaching Professional Springbank Links
Fujii, BrettApprentice Professional Windermere G&CC
Fukushima, KentClass A Professional Redwood Meadows G&CC [email protected]
Gagne, BradClass A Professional McKenzie Meadows GC [email protected]
Gall, CameronClass A Professional
Garbutt, ShaneApprentice Professional
Gardner, JoshTeaching Professional
Gawley, MattExecutive Professional Edmonton Garrison Memorial G&CC
Geran, DanClass A Professional Lac La Biche G&CC
Gerlitz, JamieHead Professional Picture Butte GC
Gfrerer, KevinApprentice Professional Lethbridge CC
Ghotra, Gagan deepApprentice Professional Innisfail GC
Gibb, TroyTeaching Professional Hell’s Creek GC [email protected] 403-634-4364
Gibson, CraigClass A Professional Sirocco GC [email protected]
Gibson, DerekLife Member PGA of Alberta Member
Gillett, WestonHead Professional Lacombe G&CC [email protected]
Gladue, JasonTeaching Professional Klo Tela Sandz Driving Range
Glanville, RobertClass A Professional Fort McMurray GC
Goplin, TrevorHead Professional Derrick G&WC (The)
Gordon, TiffanyClass A Professional Carnmoney GC [email protected] 403-703-7577
Grabo, BrendanApprentice Professional Ponoka Community GC
Graf, KevinHead Professional Serenity GC
Graham, MichaelHead Professional Cottonwood G&CC
Grant, CliveClass A Professional
Grant, DannyClass A Professional
Greiner, TomHead Professional Calgary G&CC
Grieve, TristanApprentice Professional McKenzie Meadows GC
Griffith, GregHead Professional Fox Hollow GC
Griffiths, KateApprentice Professional Golfuture YYC
Grosart, BrentHead Teaching Professional Eaglequest Golf Dome
Ha, JenniferApprentice Professional Priddis Greens G&CC
Hall, WayneLife Member PGA of Alberta Member
Halpen, ToddHead Teaching Professional Golfuture YYC [email protected] 403-803-3290
Halverson, BryceClass A Professional Valley Ridge GC [email protected]
Hamilton, DalyApprentice Professional Valley Ridge GC
Hancock, CodyClass A Professional Sturgeon Valley G&CC [email protected]
Hanson, LeifHead Professional Mickelson National GC
Hardy, BruceTeaching Professional Glendale G&CC
Hardy, RichardHead Professional McKenzie Meadows GC
Hargreaves, LandonExecutive Professional Highlands GC
Harrison, JakeApprentice Professional Winston GC (The) [email protected]
Hart, SamuelHead Professional Bearspaw GC [email protected] 403-681-4347
Hartford, GaryClass A Professional Highlands GC
Haswell, ScottClass A Professional D’Arcy Ranch GC
Hatcher, DevinApprentice Professional Carstairs GC
Hawes, DerrickLife Member
Heck, DeanClass A Professional
Heffernan, ShannonTeaching Professional Dynamic Motion Golf Performance Centre
Heffernan, WesApprentice Professional Dynamic Motion Golf Performance Centre
Heise, CamHead Professional Springbank Links [email protected] 403-202-2000
Hemstreet, PaulHead Professional Lee Creek Valley GC
Hendry, ColeClass A Professional 403-369-1770
Henzie, DaveHead Professional Nanton GC [email protected] 403-646-2050
Herbach, RyanHead Professional Elbow Springs GC
Heritage, PaulApprentice Professional Banff Springs GC
Herkel, ChrisClass A Professional Innisfail GC
Hide, RoyClass A Professional Red Deer Discount Golf
Hill, LoganApprentice Professional River Bend G&RA [email protected]
Hillcoff, MarkClass A Professional Woodside GC
Hnatiw, JasonHead Professional Windermere G&CC [email protected] 780-716-0312
Hogan, J.R.Teaching Professional GOLFTEC Calgary Midnapore [email protected] 587-436-5557
Hogan, KevinHead Professional Victoria GC
Hogan, MichaelTeaching Professional Glencoe G&CC Teaching Centre
Holland, ScottTeaching Professional Silvertip GR
Hopfner, JonathanApprentice Professional Springbank Links [email protected] 403-606-2465
Horton, PaulTeaching Professional Golf Channel Academy at Heritage Pointe [email protected] 403-585-0166
Howard, BrianClass A Professional TaylorMade Golf Canada
Huculak, BrianExecutive Professional Lethbridge CC
Hudyma, WadeExecutive Professional Royal Mayfair GC
Hughes, ChrisClass A Professional Edmonton CC
Hunter, RandyHead Professional Silver Springs G&CC
Ingalls, DeanHead Professional Carnmoney GC
Ingle, RichardExecutive Professional Country Hills GC
Ingoldsby, KenHead Professional Riverside GC
Innes, PaulClass A Professional
Irvin, TaylorClass A Professional Country Hills GC
Istvanffy, JanelleClass A Professional Earl Grey GC
Jackson, DallasApprentice Professional Cougar Creek GR [email protected]
James, DarrylHead Teaching Professional National Golf Academy at Shaganappi
James, RobbHead Professional Stony Plain GC [email protected]
Jeffries, NicolaClass A Professional Willow Park G&CC [email protected]
Jempson, JimLife Member
Jenkinson, GarettHead Teaching Professional Golf Performance Canada [email protected] 403-453-4653
Jetten, TaylorApprentice Professional Lethbridge CC
Johnson, GregClass A Professional Inglewood G&CC
Johnson, MattHead Professional Royal Mayfair GC
Johnson, RobertClass A Professional Jasper Park Lodge GC [email protected] 780-820-0017
Johnstone, BrianHead Professional Gilwood G&CC
Jurak, ToddHead Professional Sylvan Lake G&CC
Karlson, BradyClass A Professional Canyon Meadows G&CC 403-650-6587
Keats, MacApprentice Professional Pinebrook G&CC [email protected]
Keebler, ColeApprentice Professional Cottonwood G&CC
Keller, AustinApprentice Professional Bearspaw GC
Kenney, MichaelExecutive Professional Red Deer G&CC [email protected] 587-777-1471
Kerby, JamesApprentice Professional RotaryLinks Golf @ Wood Buffalo [email protected] 587-215-3148
Ketter, KerryLife Member
Killam, TrevorClass A Professional
Killian, AlanLife Member Retired Member [email protected] 403-615-8106
Kinas, CarmenApprentice Professional Canyon Meadows G&CC [email protected] 403-651-6473
Kincade, GregHead Professional Edmonton CC
King, JamesClass A Professional Belvedere G&CC
King, LyndonHead Professional Collicutt Siding GC [email protected]
King, SladeExecutive Professional Links of GlenEagles (The)
Kirkness, SamuelHead Professional Inglewood G&CC [email protected] 403-438-0987
Kirlin, MatthewHead Professional Lynx Ridge GC
Koenig, MonteLife Member
Kollman, BrianTeaching Professional Golfuture YYC
Kotylak, LindseyTeaching Professional GOLFTEC Edmonton
Kovacs, DerekClass A Professional Edmonton CC
Krawczuk, PhillipClass A Professional D’Arcy Ranch GC 778-239-1118
Kruger, BlaineClass A Professional Stony Plain GC
Kryway, CliffClass A Professional 403-286-7576
Kuczma, ToddClass A Professional Blackwolf Golf [email protected] 403-289-1675
Kuny, BrendanClass A Professional Lewis Estates GC
Kureluk, JamieHead Teaching Professional GOLFTEC Calgary Midnapore
Kyle, CameronApprentice Professional Ranch G&CC (The) [email protected] 780-934-1536
Lamb, WibLife Member 403-614-1057
Lancaster, ScottApprentice Professional Cardiff G&CC
Latimer, CameronHead Professional Woodside GC
Laugher, RonHead Professional Priddis Greens G&CC
Laurie, SpenceApprentice Professional GOLFTEC Calgary Midnapore
Lautner, TylerApprentice Professional Blue Devil GC [email protected] 403-560-8347
Lavallee, JeremyHead Professional Northern Bear GC [email protected]
Lavoie, ShawnExecutive Professional Canyon Meadows G&CC
Lean, RobertClass A Professional Crowsnest Pass GC
LeBouthillier, TylerTeaching Professional GOLFTEC Calgary Beacon Heights
Lecuyer, DouglasLife Member
Lecuyer, GaryClass A Professional 780-915-4058
Lecuyer, TonyLife Member
Lee, TommyClass A Professional Carnmoney GC
Leicht, TylerApprentice Professional Derrick G&WC (The) [email protected]
Leidenius, ShayeApprentice Professional Wolf Creek GR
Lemieux, RichardTeaching Professional Canada Golf Card Driving Range 780-432-6205
Lengyel, DavidTeaching Professional Victoria GC [email protected] 780-739-4459
Liew, ShawnApprentice Professional Victoria GC
Lightfoot, ZacharyApprentice Professional Banff Springs GC
Limoges, JakeApprentice Professional Kananaskis Country GC
Link, MatthewApprentice Professional Strathmore GC [email protected]
Linquist, JerryExecutive Professional Lewis Estates GC
Locke, EricClass A Professional Priddis Greens G&CC
Lockert, JoshHead Professional Carstairs GC [email protected] 403-818-1938
Longley, NicApprentice Professional Lakeside GC [email protected] 403-988-0257
Lowe, PaulLife Member 403-308-4055
Lown, GreggClass A Professional
Lubin, JeffTeaching Professional Riverside Golf Academy
Luciano, LukeApprentice Professional Redwood Meadows G&CC
Lukasewich, JerryHead Professional Coal Creek GR
Lunge, ConnorClass A Professional Medicine Hat G&CC [email protected]
Luopa, ShaunClass A Professional Country Hills GC
Lynes, KevinHead Professional Barrhead GC
Lynn, JaxonApprentice Professional Alberta Springs GR
MacComb, DavidClass A Professional Royal Mayfair GC [email protected] 780-504-2804
MacDermott, BriceExecutive Professional Windermere G&CC [email protected]
MacDonald, BobTeaching Professional Douglasdale GC
MacDonald, MathewHead Professional Innisfail GC [email protected] 403-894-0403
MacDonald, SandyLife Member
MacDuff, BrentClass A Professional Coal Creek GR 780-220-4004
MacGregor, JeffHead Professional Glendale G&CC [email protected]
MacGregor, RobLife Member [email protected] 780-742-6600
Machesney, DaleTeaching Professional Glencoe G&CC Teaching Centre
Mackarenko, MatthewClass A Professional Country Hills GC
Mackay, BrentClass A Professional RotaryLinks Golf @ Wood Buffalo
Mackey, JoshuaApprentice Professional Windermere G&CC [email protected]
MacKinnon, JenniferClass A Professional Earl Grey GC [email protected]
Maclean, JordanTeaching Professional GOLFTEC Edmonton [email protected] 780-486-3233
MacPherson, RobExecutive Professional River Bend G&RA 403-343-6341
Madersbacher, MikeApprentice Professional [email protected] 403-702-0114
Maegaard, JaeHead Professional Paradise Canyon GR
Mah, MatthewClass A Professional Cardiff G&CC matth[email protected]
Maher, JeremyHead Teaching Professional Modern Golf [email protected] 403-608-0774
Manarey, WillClass A Professional Earl Grey GC
Manz, DeanHead Professional Red Deer G&CC
Manz, JacobHead Professional Speargrass GC
Marshall, ColeHead Professional Yellowknife GC
Martens, BobHead Professional Grande Prairie G&CC [email protected] 780-532-8537
Martens, CamTeaching Professional Windermere G&CC
Matthews, BenApprentice Professional Miskanaw GC
Mattson, WayneHead Professional Medicine Hat G&CC
Matuch, MikeClass A Professional [email protected]
Maxwell, ToddClass A Professional
Mazurek, JeffApprentice Professional Golf Traders - Edmonton [email protected] 780-885-2793
McArthur, BobHead Teaching Professional Golf Channel Academy at Heritage Pointe
McArthur, BruceClass A Professional Billy D’s GC 780-461-4653
McArthur, CraigTeaching Professional Glendale G&CC [email protected] 780-288-5413
McBride, DeanHead Professional Coyote Creek Golf & RV Resort
McCluskey, PhilHead Professional River Bend G&RA [email protected]
McCourt, MurrayExecutive Professional Ranch G&CC (The) [email protected] 780-974-4328
McDermott, RyanApprentice Professional Links at Spruce Grove (The) [email protected] 780-983-1705
McDonald, DarrellExecutive Professional Mill Woods GC
McDougall, BillLife Member 780-993-3630
McDowell, BlairExecutive Professional Northern Bear GC [email protected] 780-292-4569
McEachern, MichaelApprentice Professional Country Hills GC [email protected]
McFarlane, DonLife Member
McGarry, GregExecutive Professional Glendale G&CC
McIntosh, DanielClass A Professional World’s Longest Golfers Inc.
McKenzie, ChrisHead Professional Miskanaw GC
McKiernan, JohnClass A Professional HeatherGlen GC [email protected]
McLeay, RobHead Teaching Professional Riverside Golf Academy
Melbourne, ChrisApprentice Professional Red Deer G&CC [email protected] 403-392-3057
Meneghetti, MarcusApprentice Professional Evergreen GC
Meria, RayLife Member PGA of Alberta Member
Meyer, GarryLife Member
Miller, AaronHead Professional Wolf Creek GR
Mills, MatthewApprentice Professional Douglasdale GC [email protected]
Mills, SeanApprentice Professional Big Buck Golf Centre [email protected] 587-583-6287
Mills, TroyHead Professional Jasper Park Lodge GC
Milne, RayLife Member Derrick G&WC (The)
Moe, SteveClass A Professional
Monk, JoelClass A Professional
Moore, RyanHead Professional Ponoka Community GC [email protected] 403-783-4626
Moore, TrevorTeaching Professional Advantage Golf Academy Inc. [email protected] 403-504-3272
Mortensen, MilesExecutive Professional Mickelson National GC
Moug, JohnApprentice Professional Serenity GC
Moulton, JimClass A Professional Indian Hill GC
Moussa, JamanApprentice Professional Country Club Tour [email protected] 780-540-5400
Muirhead, CameronClass A Professional
Murchison, BillLife Member Golfuture YYC
Murdoch, JeffClass A Professional PGA of Alberta Member [email protected] 780-951-6873
Musselman, BlairHead Professional Dunes Golf & Winter Club (The)
Myren, JayTeaching Professional Priddis Greens G&CC
Neilsen, AndyHead Professional Whitecourt G&CC
Nelson, GinaApprentice Professional Magrath GC
Nelson, GraemeApprentice Professional Derrick G&WC (The)
New, ArtHead Teaching Professional Canada Golf Card Driving Range [email protected] 780-695-8558
Newis, GordClass A Professional Glencoe G&CC
Nickel, OliviaApprentice Professional Ranch G&CC (The)
Nicolls, JaredApprentice Professional Heritage Pointe GC
Nikirk, DaveHead Teaching Professional Mickelson National Golf Academy
Nordin, RyanApprentice Professional Strathmore GC 778-989-4653
Norlin, AlExecutive Professional Alberta Springs GR
Noseworthy, JodyApprentice Professional Edmonton Garrison Memorial G&CC
Numrich, GrantApprentice Professional Red Deer G&CC
Nutt, MichaelApprentice Professional Kananaskis Country GC
O’Doherty, PatrickClass A Professional McKenzie Meadows GC
Oko, BlairHead Teaching Professional Blair Oko Golf Academy
Oliphant, BrianHead Professional Connaught GC
One, Hole InAffiliate Professional
Orban, BranceApprentice Professional Taber GC
Orban, ScottExecutive Professional McKenzie Meadows GC
Orser, JeffApprentice Professional Inglewood G&CC
Ostapczuk, StanLife Member [email protected] 780-805-4944
Pacholok, ChrisClass A Professional
Palamaruk, LanceHead Professional Lac La Biche G&CC
Paley, BobHead Professional Kananaskis Country GC [email protected] 403-591-7070
Paskin, ChrisHead Professional Valley Ridge GC
Patrick, DarylClass A Professional Glencoe G&CC
Paulson, MichaelClass A Professional
Pecman, TylerClass A Professional Highlands GC [email protected]
Pederson, AdamHead Professional Cattail Crossing Golf & Winter Club
Penner, AndrewTeaching Professional McKenzie Meadows GC
Penny, BillLife Member PGA of Alberta Member
Perron, MelissaClass A Professional River Bend G&RA
Petryk, LarryHead Teaching Professional Larry Petryk Golf Academy
Phillips, JamesClass A Professional
Philpott, DanielHead Professional The Quarry
Pidlaski, GregHead Professional Waterton Lakes GC 250-580-1207
Piercey, ShaunHead Professional Ranch G&CC (The) [email protected]
Pilon, MattApprentice Professional Hamptons GC (The)
Pineo, JeffApprentice Professional National Golf Academy at Confederation Park GC
Piscopo, MatteoHead Professional Meadowview G&CC
Plosz, JasonClass A Professional FootJoy - Acushnet Canada [email protected] 403-990-6579
Plouffe, JacquesClass A Professional Royal Mayfair GC
Popkes, AmyApprentice Professional Carnmoney GC [email protected] 403-923-0610
Porter, EricHead Professional Lethbridge CC [email protected] 403-360-7535
Poupart, DanielleTeaching Professional Elbow Springs GC
Prebushewski, TedHead Teaching Professional Green Acres Driving Range
Presley, ColinClass A Professional Elbow Springs GC
Price, DonLife Member
Prosser, BrettClass A Professional
Proulx, ShawnClass A Professional River Ridge G&CC
Provencal, RyanApprentice Professional Westlock GC
Quickstad, BrynClass A Professional Windermere G&CC [email protected]
Raina, ShannonApprentice Professional Glencoe G&CC
Ranger, DustinApprentice Professional Edmonton Petroleum G&CC
Rau, ChaseApprentice Professional Sturgeon Valley G&CC
Reimer, JamieTeaching Professional Golfuture YYC
Repp, DougHead Professional HeatherGlen GC
Richardson, SteveClass A Professional Cottonwood G&CC
Riley, AlanMaster Professional Sturgeon Valley G&CC
Risdon, DustinApprentice Professional Dustin Risdon School of Golf
Ritchie, DougClass A Professional Stony Plain GC
Robb, RandyTeaching Professional Mickelson National Golf Academy
Robertson, AlanTeaching Professional Golfuture YYC
Robertson, CurtisExecutive Professional Valley Ridge GC
Robillard, JamesApprentice Professional Raven Crest G&CC
Robinson, DavidHead Professional Heritage Pointe GC
Robinson, JamieClass A Professional Carnmoney GC
Robinson, TylerApprentice Professional The Quarry
Rogers, MarshaClass A Professional Derrick G&WC (The)
Rohatinsky, ReidClass A Professional Pinebrook G&CC
Rook, RandyApprentice Professional Pitch Perfect Golf [email protected] 780-678-5548
Rosengarten, LisaApprentice Professional Glencoe G&CC
Roth, JasonHead Professional Crowsnest Pass GC
Rowland, SheryleExecutive Professional Silver Springs G&CC
Rowswell, DougTeaching Professional Broadmoor GC [email protected] 780-996-7116
Roy, JerryClass A Professional
Roy, KennyClass A Professional Blue Devil GC [email protected] 403-473-3066
Rumpel, ChadHead Professional Eagle Rock GC
Rumpel, TylerHead Professional Jagare Ridge GC
Rundell, LukeTeaching Professional Rundell Golf Academy
Rundell, RachelleClass A Professional Pine Hills GC
Rushnell, JohnTeaching Professional National Golf Academy Dome
Rutherford, KatyApprentice Professional Golfuture YYC
Sawatzky, TimClass A Professional
Schaefer, DerekApprentice Professional
Schatzmann, ChrisHead Professional Stewart Creek G&CC [email protected] 403-688-6870
Scheller, J.D.Executive Professional Turner Valley GC
Schubert, GreggHead Professional The Track GC [email protected] 403-554-3547
Scinski, TaylorExecutive Professional The Quarry
Seaman, CoryHead Professional Turner Valley GC
Sear, GeoffClass A Professional
Seifert, MattClass A Professional [email protected]
Shapka, CrystalApprentice Professional Calgary G&CC
Shields, CharlesLife Member
Shouldice, ScottHead Professional Sundre GC
Sinclair, EvanApprentice Professional Glendale G&CC
Sinclair, SeanApprentice Professional Elbow Springs GC
Skalski, DymonApprentice Professional Cougar Creek GR
Sklarenko, DeanExecutive Professional Picture Butte GC
Slatter, GaryLife Member 403-918-1425
Smith, ScottClass A Professional Pinebrook G&CC [email protected]
Snell, KevinLife Member PGA of Alberta Member [email protected] 403-782-7546
Spriddle, DeanTeaching Professional Evergreen GC
Stanier, JasonExecutive Professional Inglewood G&CC
Stark, WayneLife Member
Stasiewich, KenClass A Professional Priddis Greens G&CC
Stiles, ScottApprentice Professional Earl Grey GC [email protected] 587-888-5678
Stokes, MattApprentice Professional 780-263-8539
Stoneman, HarrisApprentice Professional Calgary G&CC [email protected]
Stoski, JustinClass A Professional Lethbridge CC
Stringer, RichardClass A Professional Country Hills GC [email protected]
Strong, CoreyHead Professional Broadmoor GC [email protected] 780-220-9045
Strong, KentClass A Professional
Suto, JacobApprentice Professional Bearspaw GC
Sveen, JeffClass A Professional Play Golf Alberta [email protected]
Sweenie, TahlonExecutive Professional Jasper Park Lodge GC
Szewaga, DarrenHead Professional Riverview GC 480-628-2110
Szewczuk, AndrewHead Professional Banff Springs GC [email protected] 403-497-4053
Tanner, JeremyHead Professional Hamptons GC (The) [email protected]
Tanton, DavidClass A Professional D’Arcy Ranch GC 403-690-2123
Taylor, CarsonApprentice Professional Winston GC (The)
Tell, JeffApprentice Professional Ranch G&CC (The)
Teno, FredericClass A Professional Calgary G&CC
Thephasouvanh, VeeraphonHead Professional Links at Spruce Grove (The) [email protected] 780-962-4653
Thomlinson, ChadExecutive Professional Priddis Greens G&CC [email protected] 403-652-5788
Thomlinson, HallTeaching Professional Mill Woods GC
Thompson, RickHead Professional Edson GC
Thompson, TomClass A Professional
Thomson, SteveClass A Professional Glencoe G&CC
Timms, KaseyClass A Professional Royal Mayfair GC
Tomiuk, BrendonHead Professional Goose Hummock GR
Tomlinson, DaleExecutive Professional Winston GC (The)
Toshack, RobertTeaching Professional Long Shotz Driving Range [email protected] 780-953-4977
Toth, ChrisClass A Professional Sturgeon Valley G&CC [email protected]
Truong, MatthewClass A Professional RedTail Landing GC
Turner, ScottApprentice Professional Mickelson National GC
Upton, JasonClass A Professional Country Hills GC [email protected]
Valleau, KimClass A Professional Winston GC (The)
Van Amsterdam, EvanApprentice Professional Highlands GC [email protected]
Van Amsterdam, TylerApprentice Professional Earl Grey GC
Van Deurzen, BenClass A Professional Stewart Creek G&CC
Van Tighem, TaylorHead Professional Highlands GC [email protected] 780-439-7544
Vanderkooi, KeenanApprentice Professional Silvertip GR [email protected]
Vandermey, NickApprentice Professional Windermere G&CC [email protected]
Vandermey, RonHead Professional Lewis Estates GC
Vandermey, SpencerApprentice Professional Edmonton Petroleum G&CC
Vasquez, AlvaroApprentice Professional Cottonwood G&CC [email protected] 403-973-5341
Vaughan, JasonExecutive Professional Miskanaw GC [email protected]
Velasco, Jean-MickelApprentice Professional RedTail Landing GC [email protected] 780-890-7888
Vernon, RichardHead Professional Pine Hills GC
Vincent, MatthewHead Professional Coloniale GC
Vogel, CraigTeaching Professional GOLFTEC Calgary Beacon Heights
Vold, RyanLife Member Wolf Creek GR
Wade, KyleClass A Professional PGA of Alberta Member
Waldbauer, CamHead Professional Henderson Lake GC
Walker, DeanClass A Professional
Walker, JoshHead Professional Evergreen GC
Walter, MurrayClass A Professional Redwood Meadows G&CC
Walz, BradHead Professional Cochrane GC
Wanvig, CullenApprentice Professional Winston GC (The)
Ward, ChrisClass A Professional Edmonton Petroleum G&CC [email protected] 780-935-3264
Ward, KerryExecutive Professional Lacombe G&CC 250-573-5417
Warwaruk, DanHead Professional Highwood Golf
Waters, WadeClass A Professional Global Sport Academy [email protected] 587-430-0444
Watt, TimHead Professional D’Arcy Ranch GC
Webber, EvanTeaching Professional Evergreen GC
Weich, JordanClass A Professional Earl Grey GC
Weiss, ZacApprentice Professional Paradise Canyon GR
Werbicki, AdamClass A Professional Derrick G&WC (The)
Werbicki, ShannonClass A Professional Royal Mayfair GC [email protected] 780-935-7069
West, JonathanApprentice Professional Carnmoney GC
Westman, ScottClass A Professional Ranch G&CC (The)
Whitecotton, KeithTeaching Professional The Quarry
Whitton, JamesExecutive Professional Leduc GC
Wiebe, RachelApprentice Professional Windermere G&CC
Wilkie, BlairApprentice Professional Trestle Creek GR [email protected] 587-501-9475
Wilkowich, KimLife Member Lakeside GC
Williscroft, KirkClass A Professional Carstairs GC
Willmer, JeffHead Professional Whispering Pines G&CC [email protected]
Willner, TylerHead Professional Lakeside GC [email protected] 403-569-9111
Wilmot, PatHead Professional Earl Grey GC
Wilson, JayLife Member
Wilson, JohnHead Professional Montgomery Glen GC
Wilson, John D.Class A Professional Priddis Greens G&CC [email protected]
Winch, MartyHead Professional Mill Woods GC
Winters, KyleApprentice Professional Goose Hummock GR
Wisser, AdamClass A Professional Ranch G&CC (The)
Wit, TannerApprentice Professional Blue Devil GC
Wiwad, JasonApprentice Professional RedTail Landing GC [email protected] 780-721-4008
Wood, DylanApprentice Professional Henderson Lake GC
Woodward, RyanClass A Professional [email protected] 780-819-5230
Workman, LukeTeaching Professional Glencoe G&CC Teaching Centre
Wright, AdrienClass A Professional Woodside GC 587-577-0689
Wright, AndrewClass A Professional
Wright, BillLife Member
Wright, RichardTeaching Professional River Ridge G&CC
Wright, TrentExecutive Professional Broadmoor GC
Wyne, JillianTeaching Professional
Yanitski, StephenClass A Professional Valley Ridge GC
Yarchuk, ColinApprentice Professional Glencoe G&CC [email protected] 403-240-7396
Yaremovich, CodyClass A Professional Eagle Rock GC
Yeo, MattApprentice Professional Goose Hummock GR
Yeske, TravisHead Professional River Ridge G&CC
Young, NickApprentice Professional Willow Park G&CC [email protected] 403-473-5439
Young, StevenExecutive Professional Banff Springs GC
Zaleschuk, MikeTeaching Professional GOLFTEC Calgary Beacon Heights
Zubiak, KrisHead Professional Drayton Valley GC