Lifetime Achievement Award

The PGA of Alberta introduced the Lifetime Achievement Awards to recognize the professional careers and contributions made to the Profession and the Association.

Lifetime Achievement Award Consideration

The following criteria has been established for consideration for these Awards: 

  1. Candidates must be 55 years old
  2. Candidates must be Retired (unless extenuating circumstances)
  3. Candidates must have worked in the Alberta Zone for 20 years OR have made a significant contribution to the Alberta Zone
Award Criteria & Guidelines


  1. Won National Championship
  2. Won multiple Provincial Championships
  3. Represented Canada in competition
  4. Dominant player of their time in their area


  1. National Award Winner
  2. Multiple Provincial Award Winner
  3. Brought innovative technique to the Alberta Zone
  4. Most respected Instructor/Coach in their area
  5. Taught multiple champions

Association Builder

  1. President of the PGA of Alberta
  2. President of the PGA of Canada
  3. Served as Chair on multiple Committees of the PGA of Alberta
  4. Made significant contributions to the Alberta Zone


  1. Mentored multiple Head Professionals
  2. Made significant contribution to their club
  3. Made significant contribution to the industry
  4. Most respected Professional in their area


  1. Non-Member of the PGA of Alberta
  2. Made a significant contribution to the Association over an extended period of time

The Board of Directors currently has a list of Members and Non-Members, both past and present for consideration of these Awards in the future. Members of the PGA of Alberta are invited to nominate individuals for the Lifetime Achievement Award consideration by the Board of Directors, by contacting the Board of Directors or the Zone Office.

Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients
Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients

Congratulations to our past Award Recipients