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Cameron Latimer

Current Golf Facility: Heritage Pointe GC
Member Classification: Class A Professional
Education Background: BA Economics from Laurentian University
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 2019 Professional Development Points
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I have been with the Alberta PGA now for 5 years. I originally got my start in the industry as a teenager in the London Ontario area, where I worked in back shops, pro shops and maintenance teams. I worked in the industry as I progressed through secondary and post secondary educations and decided to get back into golf shortly after graduating. When I decided to become a Golf Professional, I traveled to Orlando Florida to immerse myself into the industry as much as possible. I have had the privilege of working with some of Canada’s best Professionals and I continue to learn and teach golf to all those who are interested and willing to learn. I am currently working at Heritage Pointe Golf Club in Calgary Alberta, and I enjoy the golf industry on a day to day basis.

Q. What do you enjoy most about the game and the business of golf?
One of the aspects of golf that I enjoy, is the environments and areas of the World that golf is played. Golf Courses are located in mountains, deserts, forests, praries and all the other areas of the globe you can think of.
Q. What or who influenced you in becoming a Golf Professional?
My parents were a large influence on my decision to become a professional. They were very supportive in the development of my own game and my educational background.
Q. What would you be doing if you weren’t a Golf Professional?
If I wasn
Q. What is your favourite golf course in the world?
Banff Springs Golf Course
Q. Who is your favourite PGA Tour player?
Jason Day
Q. What is the first club you take out of your bag on the driving range?
8 Iron
Q. What is the most number of holes of golf you have played in one day?
113. Longest day of Golf 2007
Q. What is your career low round and where did you shoot this score?
65 at HeatherGlen Golf Course
Q. What significant accomplishments are you most proud of?
Graduating University and passing my PAT
Q. What other interests, hobbies and passions can you share?
Hockey, Baseball, Music and educating myself and others on all things golf related.

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