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Doug Repp

Current Golf Facility: HeatherGlen GC
Member Classification: Head Professional
Education Background: PGM Graduate in 1999
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Q. What do you enjoy most about the game and the business of golf?
Each day you get to talk about golf, everyone that enjoys the game is happy to tell tall tales and eager to listen.
Q. What or who influenced you in becoming a Golf Professional?
I played a number of sports growing up, but golf and a love of the game has always pulled me towards golf.
Q. What would you be doing if you weren’t a Golf Professional?
A golf professional, thats all I can see myself as. Since I was young.
Q. What is your favourite golf course in the world?
Arroyo at Red Rock Country Club in Las Vegas
Q. Who is your favourite PGA Tour player?
Sergio Garcia, just like me we both have much more to prove to ourselves.
Q. What is the first club you take out of your bag on the driving range?
My 60 degree wedge to hit some small pitch shots
Q. What is the most number of holes of golf you have played in one day?
54 as a kid, we lived at the course during summer vacation
Q. What is your career low round and where did you shoot this score?
63 at Woodside in Airdrie
Q. What significant accomplishments are you most proud of?
Growing the Ladies Game/League over my career at every course I have been a part of.
Q. What other interests, hobbies and passions can you share?
Curling, bowling, baseball, and of course video games

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