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Jamie Driscoll

Current Golf Facility: Edson GC
Member Classification: Head Professional
 2023 Top 100 Program Points
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I was born in Regina and raised in Calgary until we moved to Edmonton in grade 12 and became a Professional at the Derrick G&WC. After my experience at U of Alberta, I decided that the golf business was where I wanted to work. An Oilers fan and married to a great lady with 2 awesome boys who inspire me each day. Having a chance to work at different courses as a young assistant has allowed me to gain valuable experience in all formats of the golf business Public, Semi-Private and Private. Now with my Food and Beverage experience as youngster, I am ready for the next level of management in the golf business which we all try to strive for.

Q. What do you enjoy most about the game and the business of golf?
Love the fact it is all on you with no officials to decide how you play. It’s up to you
Q. What or who influenced you in becoming a Golf Professional?
Brad Liptak and Kerry Ketter were big influences on my decision and it was great to learn from legends in this business
Q. What would you be doing if you weren’t a Golf Professional?
A teacher or restaurant manager
Q. What is your favourite golf course in the world?
Kapalua Plantation
Q. Who is your favourite PGA Tour player?
Was Payne Stewart and Tiger Woods
Q. What is the first club you take out of your bag on the driving range?
Gap Wedge
Q. What is the most number of holes of golf you have played in one day?
Q. What is your career low round and where did you shoot this score?
66 in a tournament at Paradise Canyon, Lethbridge
Q. What significant accomplishments are you most proud of?
Becoming a Head Professional and coaching my special needs kids
Q. What other interests, hobbies and passions can you share?
Love sports, the Oilers, music and a good Red
Jamie Driscoll

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