PGA of Canada Membership Application

Application Process

The following outlines the process an individual must go through in becoming a Class A Member of the PGA of Canada. 

Step 1: Apply

All individuals must register themselves using the online Application Form at This process applies to all previous applications for Membership made by an individual.

Please note: The minimum age requirement for all Applicants is 18 years of age or older at the time of the application.  The minimum education requirement is for all Applicants to possess a High School Diploma or equivalent. 

Step 2: Playing Ability Test (PAT)

The Applicant will receive immediate notification from the PGA of Canada regarding the status of their application.  Once it has been approved and the PGA of Alberta has received a notification of its completion, the Applicant will then be sent the PAT Package. This package will include information and the registration form for each PAT. This form must be submitted into the PGA of Alberta prior to the deadline in order to be registered for the event.  The Playing Ability Test Fee is $275.

Once the Applicant has submitted their registration form into the PGA of Alberta they must declare which PAT they are attempting on the PGA of Canada website (must log in as a member).

To see if you qualify for a PAT Exemption view this link.

Please note: all other requests for PAT Exemptions are reviewed by the Membership Committee and they determine whether or not an exemption is granted.  Exemptions are honored for 3 seasons from the date received.  For example if an exemption was granted based on a score from an event in 2012, that exemption is valid for the 2013, 2014 and 2015 golf seasons.

Step 3: Background Check

All applicants must complete the online Orientation and Background Check.

Please note: It is the applicant’s responsibility to complete the independent background check process in its entirety. This process takes just a few minutes and approval can be received within a few hours. Upon receiving approval, the Applicant is required to print the identity confirmation form and fax the completed form to the appropriate centre.

Step 4: Candidate for Membership Package

Within thirty days of successfully completing the Playing Ability Test, the Applicant will be required to submit their signed application for Membership along with their dues for the balance of the year. 

Following the completion of Step 4, the Applicant is accepted into the PGA of Canada as a CANDIDATE FOR MEMBERSHIP.

PGA of Alberta Orientation

At the end of every season in October, Applicants are expected to attend a zone Orientation to address any questions with respect to their Membership.

A Candidate for Membership who has been accepted by the PGA of Canada is automatically enrolled into the Professional Advancement and Career Enhancement (PACE) Program. All six components of this Program must be completed within six years of a candidate’s year of entry, and may be completed in just three years. Should a Candidate fail to complete the program within the six year time limit, they will be required to wait for a period of two years before they can re-apply for Membership. The annual deadline date is November 1.


The work experience component must be obtained by working within the golf industry. A Candidate for Membership must obtain a minimum of 3,000 hours of relevant workplace time during their training. For greater clarity on what constitutes relevant workplace experience, individuals are requested to contact the PGA of Canada at 1.800.782.5764.


A Candidate for Membership has two options in completing their formal education component of the program:


3 Year Business Diploma or University Degree


University Degree or College Diploma other than Business
(must complete a 1-year Business Certificate from an accredited college or the Golf Management Institute of Canada online diploma)

Golf Management Institute of Canada (GMIC) Accreditation

Candidates for Membership who choose to complete the GMIC diploma to fulfill their formal education requirement will be given credit for the Food and Beverage and Retail Management courses upon their completion of the PGA of Canada modules and will be required to complete 8 of the 10 GMIC courses.  If a CFM has completed the GMIC online diploma before entering the PACE Program, they will receive accreditation for the Food & Beverage and Retail Management modules.

National Coaching Certification Program

All Candidates for Membership must obtain ’Certified’ status in Instructor of Beginner Golfers and Instructor of Intermediate Golfers contexts in order to become a Class A Member.

Instructor Beginner >>> IB ‘Trained’ >>> IB ‘Certified’

It is compulsory for all Candidates to obtain Instructor Beginner ’Trained’ status by September 30th of the following year that they become a Candidate for Membership. Failure to do so will result in their Candidacy for Membership being terminated.

Instructor Intermediate >>> II ‘Trained’ >>> II ‘Certified’

Additionally, it is compulsory that a Candidate for Membership obtains their Instructor Intermediate ’Trained’ status by September 30th two years after they become a Candidate for Membership or their Candidacy for Membership will be terminated.

For Example:

  • Playing Ability Test Completed - 2018
  • Instructor Beginner Workshop by September 30th, 2018
  • Instructor Beginner Portfolio and Video submission submitted for evaluation by November 30th, 2019
  • Instructor Intermediate Workshop by September 30th, 2020
  • Instructor Intermediate Portfolio and Video submission submitted for evaluation by November 30th, 2021

PGA of Canada Core Competency Modules

The PGA of Canada Core Competency Modules consist of formal learning experiences covering industry based competencies. All Candidates for Membership will be required to achieve standardized learning outcomes as defined by the PGA of Canada. The PGA of Canada Core Competency Modules will cover the following:

  • Golf Operations and Club Services
  • Turf Management
  • Tournament Operations and Event Planning
  • Retail Management
  • Food and Beverage

Rules of Golf

Candidates for Membership must successfully complete the online RCGA Level II Rules of Golf Course & Exam.

Equipment Fitting Workshop

Candidates for Membership must complete the one day PGA of Canada Equipment Fitting Workshop and pass an online post-workshop evaluation.


The 500+ men and women who belong to the PGA of Alberta, are located at 150+ facilities throughout the province, and have chosen the game of golf as a career, promoting the game each and every day to Alberta’s 700,000 golfers.

Each of these Members pays an annual Membership fee to the Association, and as a group, the organization works together with its’ Members to build programs to train and educate our Members and Apprentices. This includes various teaching workshops, accreditation programs and industry seminars, each designed to help ensure that our Members remain current within the golf industry and are able to provide the services expected of them throughout their careers.