PGA Champions Tour Qualifiers

August 24, 2018

Champions Tour - Pre-Qualifier

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Event Information

Event Date: August 24, 2018
Attendance: 19 attendees
Capacity: Unlimited attendees
Waiting List: 0 attendees
Location: Elbow Springs GC
240086 Lott Creek Drive
Calgary, AB T3Z 2V4

Event Pricing

Current Member of PGA Tour or PGA Member: $142.86
Non-PGA Professional: $190.48
Amateur: $190.48

Event Deadlines

Payment Deadline: August 17, 2018 @4:00PM
Payment Deadline: August 17, 2018 @4:00PM   Deadline to withdraw before penalty
Registration Deadline: August 17, 2018 @4:00PM

Successful Qualifiers - CLICK HERE

We appreciate your support for this event and want you to enjoy a very successful day during your qualifying round.  Herein contained you will find the necessary supporting information to assist you with the registration and participation process.

*Playing the Mountain & Elbow Nines (Elbow Springs GC) for the Pre-Qualifier.

New for 2018 - Distance Measuring Devices Appx. I, Part A, Section 7. For play in a Pro-Am round (except a Pro-Am played during an official competition round), an Event Qualifying round or a Regional Qualifying Tournament round, a player may obtain distance information by use of a distance-measuring device. If, during the stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g. elevation changes, wind speed, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3.”

Step 1


Elbow Springs GC
(Mountain & Elbow Nines)
Friday, August 24, 2018
Start Time - 8:00am T/T
*Top 5 scores advance to Event Qualifier

Friday, August 17 @ 5:00pm MST



Step 2


Hamptons GC (The)
Tuesday, August 28, 2018
Start Time - 8:00am T/T*Top 4 scores advance to Shaw Charity Classic

Friday, August 24 @ 5:00pm MST




Step 3


Canyon Meadows G&CC
Aug. 29 – Sept. 2, 2018

Each Event Qualifier (and Pre-Qualifier as described below) will be conducted for all open, full-field tournaments by the respective local PGA of America Section and managed by the PGA TOUR Champions.  The Rules of the USGA govern play, as modified by the PGA Champions.  An allotment of Champions Tour Local Rules and Conditions of Competition (“Hard Cards”) will be available to competitors on-site.  All decisions of the Rules Committee are final.

Pre-Qualifier:  A Pre-Qualifier will precede all Event Qualifiers.  The Pre-Qualifier shall be open to all amateurs and professionals aged 50+ on the day of the Pre-Qualifier and will be conducted at 18-holes of stroke play competition. Field size shall be limited to 144 players. All entries will be prioritized on a "first-come, first-served" basis.  Should the number of entries received on a respective day cause the field limit to be exceeded, the field will be completed and alternates placed via blind draw by the Section. Deadline and format for receipt of entries for the Pre-Qualifier shall be set forth by the respective Section but shall be no less than two days prior to the date of the Pre-Qualifier.

A maximum of the low six (6) scorers from the Pre-Qualifier will gain entry into the Event Qualifier.  (Note: At the host Section’s discretion, one of the six spots may be allocated amongst its Section membership). There shall be no alternates from the Pre-Qualifier.  Should one of the low six (6) scores from the Pre-Qualifier not be able to participate in the Event Qualifier, he will not be replaced with an alternate from the Pre-Qualifier.   The number of Pre-Qualifier spots available (whether 5 or 6) from each respective competition will be posted prior to the commencement of play of the Pre-Qualifier. 

Amateur Access: The Event Qualifier is open to professionals only, age 50 and over.  Amateurs are permitted to enter and compete in the Pre-Qualifier and maintain his/her amateur status.  However, should an amateur competing in the Pre-Qualifier successfully qualify for the Event Qualifier, amateur status will be forfeited prior to entering the Event Qualifier.  Amateurs who become professional specifically to enter the Event Qualifier and are not successful in qualifying may apply to the USGA for reinstatement of amateur status.


Pre-Qualifier @ Elbow Springs GC

> Holiday Inn Calgary - Macleod Trail South
Book room by calling 403.287.2700 and quote block code "Champions Tour Pre-Qualifier" or book online here
> Includes hot breakfast

If you have any other questions at all that you cannot find answers to please contact our office at 403.256.8894 or toll free at 1.888.866.6140 and we will be pleased to assist you. Thanks again for your support, we look forward to seeing you again this summer!

Trevor Rioux,
Tournament Manager

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