December 12 - November 21, 2011

PD SERIES #3: Analysis of the Golf Swing

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Event Information

Event Date: December 12 - November 21, 2011
Host Venue: None
Current Field: 0 players
Maximum Field: 30 players
Waiting List: 0 players
Entry Fee: $71.43

Event Eligibility

Gender: Both
Age: All

Event Deadlines

Payment Deadline: November 14, 2011 @4:00PM   Outstanding tournament fees are due
Withdrawal Deadline: November 14, 2011 @4:00PM
Registration Deadline: December 12, 2011 @4:00PM


Are you looking to become a better teacher? Are you looking to find new innovative ways to help your current clients improve their games? This workshop will focus on more than just swing mechanics, making you a better short game instructor, a better mental game instructor and advancing your knowledge of current teaching technologies.

You will be introduced to the Mental Golf Profile, an online profile service that will help your students, and you as their teacher, better understand both their strengths and weaknesses in arguably the most important aspect of any player’s game. The Mental Golf Profile provides an accurate picture of a student’s golf ‘personality’ and helps customize strategies for the following areas of the game:

  • Golf Temperament
  • Pre-Round Preparation
  • Playing Shots
  • Course Management
  • Working With Instructors
  • Golf Fitness Tendencies

You will also be introduced to AimPoint, a session that will cover a basic introduction to green reading:

  • Primary Green Shapes
  • Inflection Points
  • Zero Lines
  • Break Direction
  • Speed Dynamics

Finally, the workshop will touch on Modern Technologies in Teaching, specifically how to use video more effectively during and after lessons. You will discuss how to use video properly (what lines to draw, what to look for, etc.), simplifying the lesson process by looking for key swing faults and what to do after a lesson in terms of further swing analysis, e-mailing students their video and ongoing communication).

GUEST SPEAKER: Paul Horton, Heritage Pointe Golf Academy

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